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Shelby club and should not be con-

fused with a small, local car club from

Shelby, North Carolina. That distinc-

tion had never occurred to us.

I was pushed forward into the pic-

ture and the news anchor asked me a

quick series of questions about the his-

tory of the cars in general, the club

and the event schedule. Then they

asked Cresanta to start up his Shelby,

which possessed a throaty exhaust

that reverberated nicely off the tall

buildings in the early morning, for

some final footage. Before I knew it,

the crew was rolling up the cables and

folding up the camera’s tripod. And

the anchor was thanking me and

telling me that a segment would play

on the morning news and would be

rerun all weekend. We had no way of

knowing if it was responsible for addi-

tional attendance.

Thursday’s schedule offered up

some NASCAR action. We contracted

with the Fast-Track NASCAR Driving

School to put on a modified driver’s

school for club members. This proved

to be a very popular activity at past

conventions and this one was no dif-

ferent. It was divided into several ses-

sions which included chalk talks and

on-track sessions. There were no

NASCAR team spotters in the bleach-

ers looking to sign up new talent.

At noon the gates opened up to con-

ventioneers looking to get a jump on

the weekend by finding their garages,

prime swap meet real estate or to

plant their flag on a piece of asphalt

and unload their cars.


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