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recently been expanded and refur-

bished and now had a ballroom that

could seat 1,000 for dinner. It was also

less than ten minutes from the track’s


The hotel’s public relations depart-

ment put us in contact with a local tel-

evision station so we could get a little

pre-event publicity. If we could attract

some spectators who might not other-

wise have know that the convention

was in town, so much the better. They

wanted us to meet them downtown,

outside of their studio, with a Shelby

so they could interview someone and

include some footage of the car. Like

us, they knew the cars were very pho-


When we arrived on Wednesday,

one of the first people we saw in the

hotel’s parking lot was Doug Cresanta

of Haskell, New Jersey. He was knock-

ing the road dust off of 6S188. We


Fall 2016 73