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When everyone woke up on Sunday

morning, the weather forecast was not

good. Rain was predicted for the area

but when it would arrive was not pre-

cisely predicted. “

Sometime in the af-


” was all the forecasters could

say. Everyone hoped it would arrive

later rather than sooner. Another

minor glitch was that unmuffled cars

could not be started until noon. This

was in deference to a small church’s lo-

cation near the track. Nobody at the

track had brought this up during our

advanced planning meetings and we

had already printed up schedules. Part

of the ability to run a convention is to

be able to deal with unforseen situa-

tions like this on the fly. We didn’t see

much of a problem rejiggering the

schedule. It permitted us to hold the

popular vote car show in the morning

with no competition from the open

track or vintage race. The result was a

lot of race cars in the car show that

aren’t usually parked.

When 12 noon rolled around it was

hard to tell if the rain would hold off.

We asked Carroll Shelby to do the

honors of driving the pace vehicle and

the F-150 Lightning he was driving

was ideal. He led 18 GT350s around a

warm-up lap and by the time he came

in and the green flag was dropped the

rain began, so the black flag came out

and the race was, regrettably, termi-

nated. The rain got heavier and heav-

ier, so there was no question about

cancelling the other two vintage races.

And like that, SAAC-26 ended as there

was no reason to remain at the track.


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