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asked, innocently, if he would be inter-

ested on having his car featured on

local television. We glossed over some

of the details – like having to bring the

car to the studio downtown at 5 a.m.

The thought of having his car on tele-

vision put stars in his eyes. Cresanta

lunged at the opportunity like a hun-

gry largemouth bass goes after a shiny

lure. Once he was hooked, we played

him like a pro on a cable TV fishing


A 4:30 a.m. wake-up call has a

sobering effect on even the most star-

struck car owner. Good to his word,

Cresanta met us at the hotel’s en-

trance and we took off dor downtown

Charlotte. Traffic was nonexistent at

that hour. The TV crew was already

set up on the sidewalk when we ar-

rived. The producer quickly introduced

himself and provided an outline of

what would happen. The news co-an-

chor would open the segment, using

the car as a prop, and give a who-

what-where-when introduction. He ex-

plained that the event at the track was

the annual convention of the national


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