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There was nothing planned for

Thursday night, but between the hotel

restaurants and bars, the parking lot

outside and local eating places where

was plenty of socializing going on.

Which is what conventions are all

about. Six a.m. came all too soon on

Friday morning as the track’s gates

swung open and allowed the hoards to

move inside. The sight they saw was a

surprise to everyone. A minor tornado

had visited the track overnight, twist-

ing some pop-up tents and canopies

into unidentifiable rubble. It appeared

that no cars left at the track overnight

were damaged, aside from a few minor

paint scratches.

Things kicked off with the drivers

meeting which established the ground

rules of how the open track would be

run, as well as a safety briefing in-

tended to keep drivers grounded and

within their comfort zone. The open

track is intended to allow drivers to

exercise their cars at a level that will

not put anything (or anyone) at risk.

It’s not an opportunity to set any lap

records or demonstrate the kind of

skill that will get a driver invited to

join a top team.


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