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As has come to be expected, there

were tables set up for SAAC’s regis-

trars who were happy to collect infor-

mation they might not have or answer

questions from owners. Imagine the

surprise of those visiting the Cobra

table at finding Peter Brock patiently

answering questions. Or Chuck

Cantwell, fielding questions about

1965-1966-1967 Shelbys. Talk about

going right to the source. And if that

wasn’t enough, sitting at the R-Model

table were Bernie Kretzschmar and

Mike Sangster, two of the four fabrica-

tors who turned Mustang fastbacks

into R-Models. If anyone still had any

questions, Bob “Tweety” Aldridge was

there. He was one of Shelby Ameri-

can’s fabricators who handled fiber-

glass and paint work. Tweety was a

veritable encyclopedia of hot rodding’s

early days where it seemed he was

everywhere and involved with every-

one. Talking with him was certainly a

trip down memory lane. Tweety was

one of the first ones to use pearlescent.

On Saturday there was more open

track and more vintage race practice.

Three separate races were planned:

one for Cobras, one for Shelbys and

one for Trans-Am and NASCAR stock-

ers. The Concours car show was sched-

uled for all day Saturday in order to

give judges and concours staff a full

day to enjoy the convention. Entrants

were also happy to put the judging be-

hind them because as the level of qual-

ity of concours cars has increased each

year, so has the pressure on both own-

ers and judges.


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