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Other than a name change, from

“Charlotte Motor Speedway” to

“Lowes Motor Speedway” in 1991, the

track, itself, had not changed much

since the first time SAAC visited it in

1987. [

Note: Charlotte was the first

race track in the country to effect a

name change for a corporate sponsor.

Lowes chose not to renew it’s sponsor-

ship in 2009 and the name reverted

back to Charlotte Motor Speedway.


There were new garages, more asphalt

in the infield and in 1992, the instal-

lation of permanent lights around the

track developed by Musco Lighting to

enable night NASCAR racing.

However, the city surrounding the

track was a whole ‘nother thing. There

were new hotels in almost every direc-

tion. We chose the Hilton which had


Fall 2016 72

– Rick Kopec

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The Graybeard Chronicles