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Winter 2016 16



The last issue of this esteemed

magazine [

Fall, 2015

] carried an arti-

cle about Ironman Tim Kilinski’s ad-

ventures driving 6S336 from Virginia

to California, back to Pennsylvania

and then home to Virginia: 7,682 miles

in three weeks. It was quite a feat, and

if there was a Shelby Hall of Fame in

a parallel universe, Kilinski would cer-

tainly rate a spot in it. 6S336 would

probably be on display along with a

large map of the U.S. with the route

highlighted. That parallel universe’s

museum would likely have Kilinski/

6S336 apparel such as hats, t-shirts

and jackets as well as a poster and

maybe a diecast model of gool ‘ole 336. The back of the jacket would look something like this. Hey – wait a minute.

There IS a 50th anniversary tour jacket. Have we crossed over into that parallel universe? Maybe Kilinski did, and

came back with a jacket to prove it. Or maybe he found a jacket manufacturer to create a few so he could give them to

people who helped make his trip possible (notably his wife, Leslie, and his brother). They were made by Vincent Galli-

pani of Galli Sports & Shirts Apparel <> The design is composed of over 150,000 stitches and the

jackets were about $200 a pop, should you find yourself with a desire to get one from the manufacturer. Or, you could

always have a jacket made commemorating your own car, now that you know who to contact. And you won’t have to

drive it 7,682 miles to get a jacket made. But you could if you wanted to...

Hagerty Insurance created a six-

minute You Tube spoof of Jean Shep-

herd’s classic Christmas Story, which

is shown non-stop during Christmas.

Shepherd wrote and produced the

story based (somewhat) on his child-

hood quest for a Red Ryder BB gun.

Hagerty’s video is very cleverly done.