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by Shelby American employee Jim

Findlay who intended to race it and

added competition components as his

budget allowed. After modifying the

car to competition specifications, Find-

lay ran out of money and turned the

Cobra over to Shelby’s dealership

where it was purchased by Roberts.

Roberts, from Glendale, Arizona

began competing in autocrosses and

won every one he entered. In 1967 he

won two hillclimbs and then began

racing in SCCA; in two years he

racked up 25 first-place finishes. In

1968 he won the B/P National Cham-

pionship at Riverside, establishing a

new qualifying record and fastest race

lap in the process. Roberts then sold

the car and it continued to be raced.

He repurchased it in 1972 and fin-

ished second at the SCCA run-offs.

The car was then sold again and went

to Europe where it continued to be

raced. In 1987 it was returned to the

U.S. and vintage raced by two subse-

quent owners before being purchased

by Click. It was restored by Roberts

who drove it on occasion. To say this

Cobra is the winningest Cobra ever is

not an exaggeration.

When Don Roberts didn’t have the

Cobra to drive it didn’t mean he was

out of racing. He maintained a race

shop and prepared other cars, among

them a ‘66 GT350 B/P racer, 6S2363.

In 1969 Roberts was occasionally

asked to drive the Shelby and ended

up purchasing it in 1971. After win-

ning a few races he received an invita-

tion to the SCCA run-offs where he

finished third. By 1983 the car was

owned by Jere Clark and was being ac-

tively vintage raced. Click purchased

it in 2002 and continued to vintage

race it. He had Don Roberts maintain


The other Cobra in Click’s collec-

tion is CSX2326. It was originally a

street car that was purchased by Click

in 1974. After selling it two years later,

he got it back again by trading a

Porsche 930 for it. In early ‘91 Click of-

fered the car for sale but when no

buyer emerged he sent it to Roberts’

shop to have it converted into a vin-

tage racer and he drove it in events


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