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If you have been to one of the

larger vintage races on the west coast

in the past twenty years, the name

Jim Click should be a familiar one to

you. As a Ford dealer, it’s no surprise

that he vintage races Fords. His collec-

tion contains a GT40 MK I, a pair of

small block Cobras, a GT350 and two

Trans-Am Mustangs. All of them have

tons of racing history.

After participating in the vintage

race hobby for more than twenty-five

years, Click has decided to downsize

his collection of cars and let go of these

half-dozen racers. “

It’s time for me to

let someone else enjoy the cars like I


he said. The cars will be pre-

sented at this year’s RM Sotheby’s

auction in Monterey, California.

Click’s decision to step back from vin-

tage racing is becoming increasingly

common today, as enthusiasts in their

seventies begin to realize that it’s time

to turn a page in their life. There are

others, a generation or two younger,

who will be able to slip behind the

wheel and continue to campaign these

cars. And best of all, with cars like

these, they have been prepared and di-

aled-in so that all a new owner has to

do is suit up, strap in, pull the helmet

on and go racing.

How does someone amass a collec-

tion of cars like this? Jim Click owns

one of the country’s largest automotive

dealer networks with sixteen dealer-

ships in Arizona and California. In

1991, his passion for automobiles at-

tracted him to vintage racing. Thus

was born Jim Click Racing. His goal

was to purchase cars with unquestion-

able race history and prepare them to

an exceptionally high standard of per-

formance and reliability. After all, it’s

not much fun going to a vintage race

and spending most of your time in the

paddock working on your car. You’re

there to drive.

Living in Phoenix, Click got to

know one of that area’s most famous

and successful Cobra racers, Don

Roberts. In 1966, Roberts purchased

CSX2473 from Hi-Performance Mo-

tors. It had originally been purchased


Summer 2016 86