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bringing the car out I think, not for

leaving. He waved with a smile.

I picked up Highway 28, east to

Quincy, where fruits and vegetables

have been processed forever. Now it’s

home to at least one of the largest

data-centers in the world, placed there

by a cloud computing company to take

advantage of low cost electric power

resulting from an abundance of rivers

to dam, winds for generators, solar

panels, low land costs and low prop-

erty taxes in farm country. Can’t say I

know which building it lives in. There

are lots of big ones housing potato

chips or microchips with no signage.

Maybe the NSA occupies one. If I

found it I guess they’d have to kill me.

I paralleled the Columbia Gorge to

a resort overlooking the river. CAVE B

is built into basalt cliffs nine-hundred

feet above the Columbia River where

I stopped for late lunch on the terrace,

and the friendly guy from Argentina

remarked how much he liked my car

from the window of his mini-van. It’s

a very peaceful place with great views.

On the way back, I stopped at an

overlook to gaze down river where the

Wild Horse Monument silhouettes a

ridge top.

h i k i n g / t r i p - r e p o r t s / t r i p _ r e -


A couple of young guys walked

over to ask about the car. They said

they knew it was “something British,

an MG maybe”. They offered to take

my photo standing by it so you don’t

think I’m making this up. By then I

had spent too much time taking pho-

tos, getting lost driving out of We-

natchee, hanging around Cave B, and

talking to well-wishers about the car.

With the sun going down, I still had to

drive back over the pass to get home.

Forgetting the pass would be cold

when I left in the morning; I brought

no warm clothing and needed none on

the return drive. The pass was warm.

I arrived in Kirkland to find people

walking around in t-shirts at 8:00 p.m.

That’s unheard of in Seattle in April.

This turned out to be the record break-

ing hot day. I arrived home early

enough to wake up fresh and wash

and wax the car the following day. I

didn’t reach all the places I wanted to

drive to. A good thing because I want

to go back.


Summer 2016 83