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when I was parked outside a Seattle

Ferrari dealership in 1990 and a sales-

man walked out and remarked, “


most fun for the money you can buy;

less than a nice Toyota

.” That is as

true today as it was then.

With a low frontal area to pene-

trate the atmosphere, light weight,

and a not too over-the-top street/track

motor, I managed more than 24 mpg

on this trip, even with some stop and

go traffic, driving in low gears through

small towns. I also provided entertain-

ment for the nice guys who stopped to

ask about the car and take photos,

when I ran through the gears to red-

line exiting the Wild Horse Monument

pullout. They waved profusely when

they passed by the rest stop a few

miles down the road. I used 15 gallons

of premium fuel on a 365-mile drive.

At under $2.50 a gallon for premium,

it came to $37.50. I can live with that.

It doesn’t sound like a 289 race

car, but neither do I want to spend the

day driving with earplugs or listening

to my ears ringing for a few days after

arriving home. With exhaust pipes ex-

iting ahead of the front wheels, I hear

it well enough and it does bellow when

I step on the gas.

Looking back on all those miles

and all the things I did, I made the

most and did the most I could with

this little car. The paint and interior

are a little rough, but I like it that way

and so do most people who see it. I

don’t show it much, but when I do, it

often collects a “People’s Choice” or

“Participants Choice” awards. I like

that I can take it anywhere, park it

and leave it. I like that it’s economical

enough and comfortable enough to

spend an entire day in it, and not feel

like I spent 12 rounds in a boxing ring,

yet its fast enough to enjoy on a track

day. It isn’t worth a million dollars like

some Cobras now are, but I had a mil-

lion dollars of fun in it, and we’re still

making memories.


Summer 2016 85