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winning the first four races and six

overall. Moore had a couple of back-up

team cars and the car in Click’s collec-

tion is the one driven by Peter Gregg.

Any Ford collection worthy of the

name must have a GT40, and Click’s

is no exception. P/1061 was originally

used by Ford as a promotional vehicle

in the Southeastern Regional Sales

District in 1967 as part of dealer dis-

plays, auto shows and demonstration

laps at SCCA events. The car eventu-

ally went to Australia where it was

raced before returning to the U.S. It

was purchased by Click in 1992. After

being prepped by Don Roberts it was

raced by Click in vintage events such

as Laguna Seca, Riverside and Palm


It is one thing to purchase a car

that is capable of being vintage raced,

but finding one (or more) which are

turn-key ready and need nothing ex-

cept a tankful of gas is quite some-

thing else.

Having a collection of vintage race

cars like this makes it difficult to de-

cide which one to bring to a track on a

particular weekend. With cars that

compete in more than one class, bring-

ing two or three to an event means two

or three times as much track time.

This is the purpose of vintage racing.

Deciding to sell a collection like

this is no easy decision. However,

when it’s time to let go, you know it.

After all of the enjoyment cars like

this have provided over two and a half

decades, seeing them sell for more

than you paid for them has a way of

taking the sting out of looking at all

that empty garage space.


Summer 2016 89