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Bill Miller of Arvada, Colorado

owns a number of Shelby records that

will never be beaten. His Hertz car,

6S1642, originally saw service at the

Denver airport. In fact, it has never

had an owner outside of Colorado.

Miller is the fifth owner, having pur-

chasing it in 1981. At that time it had

106,750 miles on the odometer. Miller

had the engine rebuilt by the leg-

endary Mike Dopudja, who has pre-

pared many winning vintage cars in

Colorado. The car has a highly-modi-

fied C-4 automatic. That makes it eas-

ier for Miller, who is about to turn 83

years of age. He is usually the oldest

driver in any field he races in. He began running the car in open tracks and vintage races in the Colorado area, but has

driven the car to SAAC-7 (Great Gorge, New Jersey), SAAC-9 (Anaheim, California) and SAAC-32 (Miller Motorsports

Park, Tooele, Utah). He has never owned a trailer; the car is driven to every event and back home again. That, in itself,

is some kind of a record. As of June of this year, Miller has competed in 126 vintage races and 113 open track events

with five more on this summer’s schedule. He figures the car has competed in more than 750 separate races or practice

sessions, and it presently has 221,000 miles on it. If you started vintage racing your car today, and competed in 6 events

a year for the next 35 consecutive years, that would be 2051 and you still wouldn’t come close to Bill Miller and 6S1642’s

record. Our suggestion: choose some other record to attempt to break.

GT350 (6S929) pictured had received

a trick $12,000 paint job that was,

Glasurit Mystique bluish paint that

transmogrifies to aquas and rossas

(and countless other entertaining hues

as angles of light change). You should

see it at sunset

.” We have to congratu-

late him on some intense Photoshop


Between the end of March and the

beginning of April we are especially

skeptical of any photo and/or story

that might sound a little “off.” We

should know, because we have en-

gaged in our share of April Fool’s tom-

foolery over the years. We officially

retired after our 2011 effort because

we knew we could never top it.

We’re still amused when others

take a run at hoaxing whoever might

read what they’ve written. With the

Internet they are able to reach a lot

more potential suckers than in the old

days. We saw the above picture on

SAAC member Curt Scott’s website. He tried to

convince his readers that the ‘66