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In less than a week blueprints of

Brock’s innovative open two-seater

body design were on their way to Italy

where DeTomaso’s metal workers

turned them into an aluminum body.

In January of 1965 DeTomaso un-

veiled the P70. The designation stood

for Prototypo 7-Liter. The body was

mounted on an engineless mocked-up

chassis and as soon as Shelby and

Brock saw it, they were both disap-

pointed. It only barely resembled

Brock’s original design.

The clock was ticking, so Brock

was sent to Italy to personally super-

vise the construction of a new body. He

spoke no Italian. He was met at the

airport in Rome by DeTomaso who, on

the way to Modena, explained the con-

cept of his backbone chassis and how

the new 7-liter V8 would be attached

to it, becoming an integeral part of it

along with the transaxle.

During the drive, Brock also be-

came aware that DeTomaso was not

happy that Shelby had dispatched him

to oversee the project. He took it as

something of a personal insult, imply-

ing that Shelby did not have confi-

dence in him to complete the car. As he

sat there. it dawned on Brock that he

was in the middle of an intense rivalry

between the two. He just needed to

keep his eye on the ball and not get

sidetracked and drawn in.

The next day the new chassis was

loaded onto a truck and it and Brock

were delivered to Carrozzeria Fan-

tuzzi, a small shop on a back street of

Modena. It was one of many that spe-

cialized in building one-off bodies for

show and race cars. DeTomaso did not


Spring 2016 31

The completed maquette (a French word for scale model or an unfinished sculpture)

was made of solid steel lengths, hand-formed and welded together, over which the alu-

minum bodywork was formed. Brock was used to making a plywood buck.

King Cobra plywood buck used to con-

struct a replacement body during a recent


Alessandro DeTomaso was no stranger to Shelby American. These pictures were taken

in the spring of 1965, while he and Shelby were still “partners” in the P70 project.

The P70 was mostly complete when this photo of Peter Brock was taken in Modena.

The smile indicates that Shelby had not yet pulled the plug on the car.