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Alessandro DeTomaso passed away in

Modena of heart failure. It took about

a year for his estate to liquidate every-

thing, including the P70 and the Sport

5000. The cars moved through several

owners in Europe and the U.S. and fi-

nally came to rest at an exotic car

dealership in Southern California.

They were purchased, as a pair, by col-

lector Mark Moshayedi in Newport

Beach, California. The P70 underwent

meticulous restoration almost imme-

diately and was shown at the Quail

show in Monterey in August of 2015

and then displayed at the SEMA show

in Las Vegas three months later. In

March of 2016, the car was brought to

the Amelia Island Concours where it

was a real head-turner.

Peter Brock, one of the judges, re-

called that of all the projects he ever

worked on, the time he spent in Mod-

ena with Fantuzzi and his artisans

was the most enjoyable in his career.

They had so much real passion

and loved doing the P70. It was such a

different reaction from what I had ex-

perienced when a “new” project was

undertaken in California



Spring 2016 34

Sunday morning the 330 cars in the concours were judged. Here the P70 is scrutinized

by judges, identifiable by their natty blue blazers [

right to left

]: Chuck Cantwell, Wayne

Carini and Bernie Sanders.

Photos courtesy of Peter Brock, Jeff

Burgy, Bill Fulk, Colleen Kopec and

Harvey Sherman