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with two circles for the wheels, drawn

using a quarter. The lines of my sports

racing car were surprisingly similar to


This is not to say that I am even

remotely in the same league with

Peter Brock as a designer. I’m not even

in the same area code. But his flowing

lines were as natural for him as they

seemed for me. And one of the most

surprising aspects of this whole thing

is that this car is also one of his fa-

vorite designs. – RK

The first time I saw this car was

on the cover of

Road & Track’s


1966 issue. I wasn’t sure what it was,

other than it was Italian, but it caught

me. I don’t know what it was about

this car but every line just fit. In high

school I spent a lot of time sketching

cars (some of my teachers would prob-

ably say too much time) and when I

saw detail photos of Brock’s P70 a few

months ago I suddenly realized this

was one of the race cars I had been

drawing back in high school. I always

drew side views because I could never

get perspectives right, and started

The completed P70 was shown at the 1965

Turin Auto Show and then, basically, never

seen again. The design was never eclipsed

by cars like the Lola T-70, Chaparral or

McLaren and it remains timeless, today.

Spring 2016 35

Heads Up! Peter Brock has just

completed a new book about early

sports car racing on the West Coast

and it includes detailed informa-

tion about the P70 as well as the

Lang Cooper and Dave MacDon-

ald. MacDonald’s importance to

the Shelby Team has been under-

rated, both because he was sur-

rounded by drivers like Ken Miles,

Bob Holbert, Bob Bondurant and

Dan Gurney, and because his pre-

mature death in 1964 cut short his

driving career just as it was pick-

ing up steam. Carroll Shelby said

of MacDonald that, “

he had more

raw talent probably than any race

driver I ever saw

.” The book will be

available in August and you can

order it from Brock’s website,