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DeTomaso’s backbone chassis was

used for yet another of his projects, a

coupe bodied two-seater designed by

Giorgetto Giugiaro. This body, on one

of the chassis DeTomaso had built for

the Shelby project, was named the

Mangusta. DeTomaso’s feud with

Shelby never abated and the car was

so-named because the mongoose is the

natural enemy of the Cobra and is

often capable of dispatching the ven-

omous reptile when they fought.

DeTomaso stated at a press conference

that he planned to build 50 examples

of this car to comply with FIA require-

ments and compete against Shelby’s

Daytona Coupes in FIA endurance


In a move that nobody saw com-

ing, the FIA cancelled all GT engines

over 3.0 liters and DeTomaso’s chal-

lenge amounted to nothing. The Man-

gusta continued as a street car, in

limited production with Ford’s involve-

ment, powered by a small block Ford.

It would later be redesigned by Amer-

ican designer Tom Tjaarda at Ghia

and released as the Pantera, and sold

through Lincoln dealers. Their impor-

tation ended in 1975 after 5,500 cars

were made. Production continued

until 1992, with about 1,500 addi-

tional cars made to non-US specifica-


For forty years, both the

DeTomaso Sport 5000 and the P70 re-

mained in storage in DeTomaso’s

warehouse. They were basically forgot-

ten. In May of 2003, at the age of 73,


Part of Amelia’s festivities was the opportunity for cars in the show to be driven on a thirty-mile loop on the morning before the

show. Owner Mark Moshayedi jumped at the chance because it was first time he was able to actually drive the P70. He reported

that it was much quicker that he expected. When he came to the first straight section of road he jumped on the gas and it literally

snapped his head back. Doubtless that was a combination of the car’s light weight and brute power. It was an unexpected pleasure

seeing the blood-red P70 on the street.

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