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Spring 2016 28

If you’re in the paint department of a big box store and you see this advertise-

ment sitting on the shelf, you’ll do a double-take like Pete Doriguzzi did as soon

as you see the mouth of a 427 Cobra staring at you.

Long time Cobra owner (since 1972) Chuck Schwab of Wallingford, Connecticut

spotted the small image of a Cobra in the corner of a local newspaper’s ad sup-

plement. It caught his attention because it was the same color as the car that

has been parked in his garage for the past 44 years.

Robert Boote of Vestal, New York says,

You never know what you’re going to

find on Craigslist.

” To prove his point

he found a complete 427 SOHC en-

gine, reportedly with zero miles and

rebuilt by Holman Moody for a mere

$50,000 or best offer. The seller is near

Westfield, Massachusetts. He might

want to set up one of those “take a

number” machines like they have in

the supermarket deli to keep the

horde of buyers manageable.

Is eagle-itis contagious? On a recent

cruise to Southeast Asia accompany-

ing her husband, Jami Young spotted

the coiled snake on a food wrapper.

Does what he has rub off? We’ll have

to keep an eye on this situation. We

might need to look for an antidote.

Don Johnson of Honolulu, Hawaii

couldn’t help but notice this in the on-

line version of London’s

Daily Mail

paper. The first thing he thought was

that we were having a new building

erected for SAAC HQ in downtown

Sharon. Not quite. It’s actually a pro-

posed skyscraper designed by a Russian architect. He hopes a developer in Asia

or the Middle East will express some interest in building a tower shaped like

a serpent’s body coiled on a round base. A nightclub or restaurant would be

built in the snake’s head. It is named “The Asian Cobra Tower.” In the Middle

East, snakes are reportedly seen as a sign of wisdom. We’re keeping an eye it

as a possible site for a future SAAC convention.