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Spring 2016 26

Was it the pink Shelby t-shirt or the

young model that caught Roger Mor-

rison’s attention? He spotted this on

the Petersen Store’s website.We’re not

sure they sold many pink ones to the

males in their client base but they

would make nice gifts for wives,

daughters or girlfriends.

Doug Cresanta is another one of these

guys who is like a magnet to Shelby

and Cobra stuff. We’re at a loss to ex-

plain why this happens to some people

and not others. This car wash is lo-

cated in Indian Harbour Beach,

Florida. The Cobra comes up on a

large outdoor screen using HD TV

about every minute. That logo looks fa-

miliar. Isn’t Ocean Spray the brand

name of a cranberry juice?

We’re not sure if we can bestow the

title of eagle eye on Marty Beaulieu of

Atherton, California for spotting this

5-story high billboard in San Fran-

cisco advertising the new Shelby

GT350R. Unless your eyes were locked

on your iPhone as you were walking

down the street you couldn’t miss it.

He said it was right across the street

from the Mini dealer. Wouldn’t that be

the equivalent of bullying a weakling?

Should be an interesting batch of cars

at the Quail Lodge show at Monterey

this coming August. At least, that’s

what they are trying to solicit.

Rand’s Custom Hats has an interesting blog and they invite their customers

to send in photos. This one had no caption so we have no idea who’s car it is or

where the photo was taken (although it’s just a guess, but it’s not New Jersey).

The photo was sent to Howard Pardee by his pal Jim MacDonald of Mill Creek,

Washington, probably as much to highlight the Cobra as it was to needle

Pardee about his choice of headgear. Be assured it ain’t a Rand Custom hat.