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fortunately, that comment would

prove to come all too true on race day.

Another event of interest to

Shelby fans was the “Heritage Exhibi-

tion” in the Goodyear Legends of Rac-

ing paddock. There were two “old” GTs

(“old GTs” now referring to the 2005-6

vintage Ford GTs, no longer to GT40s

of the sixties) and two Shelby cars on

display and in the lineup for the exhi-

bition event. SAAC members Darek

Stennes from Jacksonville, Florida

brought his GT350, 5S424, and Don

Wells from Hyde Park, New York,

brought his 1964 Daytona livery

Shelby Daytona Coupe, CSX7072. The

Shelby cars looked and sounded great.

Unfortunately for Wells, after all that

planning and expense to get his Coupe

from New York to Florida in the midst

of one of this winter’s worst snow

storms, he managed to drown his

plugs in fuel before the exhibition’s

track session and was unable to wake

the beast up to make the starting grid.

The Heritage Exhibition “race”

looked more like an early SAAC open

track event to me, since most of these

cars were privately owned retired race

cars and there wasn’t very much ag-

gressive driving going on. I also no-

ticed that several of the entrants had

passengers along, so it really was more

of an exhibition than an actual race.

Not that it seemed to matter to anyone

in the grandstands.

On Saturday morning, Ford

brought a stunning white 2017 GT

and put it on display in the Ford Per-

formance tent in the infield of the

track. The car looks great in pictures,

but it was absolutely spectacular in-

the-flesh. It was my very first oppor-

tunity to see one up close. Pictures of

the white GT on the internet just

couldn’t convey the sexy lines of this

incredibly swoopy automobile. In my

mind, there’s little homage to the orig-

inal GT40 besides the mid-engine

platform and a couple radiator intake

nostrils in the hood. There is no doubt,

though, that this car is every bit as

sexy and exotic as anything coming

over from Italy or Germany.Well done,


After the exhibition session, and

before the actual race started, Ford GT


Spring 2016 37