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Spring 2016 22

We’ve never seen a pencil tested to

determine how strong the point is.

Of course, these pencils were adver-

tised way before our time. Still, they

make a strong point. (Sorry, we

couldn’t resist the pun). Another

Barranger discovery

You stop off at the Old Orchard Inn in

Burgin, Kentucky and pick up a book

of matches near the cash register. And

the name “Shelby” jumps out at you.

Barranger, again.

This is what an eagle eye is. Young was looking at a full page of swap meet

photos in a Good Guys magazine. He spotted the ‘66 Shelby tach right away.

The same magazine had an article

about a kid’s model car contest and

Young picked the Essex Wire 427

Cobra out of a page of photographs.

Young prowls around hot rod meets

so he turns up a lot of weird stuff.

You won’t see a Walker radiator on

a Cobra but they are the hot ticket

on street rods.

Auctions sell memorabilia as well as

cars. Young spotted this piece of GT40

artwork in Auctions America’s catalog.

Auction advertising always touts

the most interesting cars. CSX3295

caught Warren’s attention.