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Spring 2016 21

The original Shelby/Chrysler connection? Well, let’s not march off the cliff

to this tune. Barranger spotted this picture in the March 2016 issue of


mings Muscle Machines.

The article was on early NASCAR star Tim Flock

and his Chrysler 300s, and Barranger’s eagle eye picked out the sponsor on

the rear fender: Shelby County (Chrysler) Dealers. Elmer Carl Kiekhafer

was the owner of Kiekhafer Marine and went NASCAR racing in the mid-

1950s with a professional team of meticulously prepared Chrysler 300s

(brought to the track in transports – unheard of at the time; the box trucks

had jacks built into the floors to support the cars on their frames so they

would not ride on their wheel and axle bearings during transport to and from

races). The cars won the championship in 1955 and 1956 but Kiekhafer quit

NASCAR in 1957 after accusations of cheating by Bill France. This was not

uncommon when one car or team won consistently and other teams and en-

trants threatened to pull out. Kiekhafer used his cars to promote his Mer-

cury outboard motor company. Rather than risk the backlash of being seen

as a cheater, booed by fans and, thus, potentially affecting Mercury sales, he

simply withdrew from the sport. Bet you didn’t know that.

The latest book on Barranger’s shelf

is this one about cold drawn seam-

less steel tubes: where they are

made and how they are used. Na-

tional Tube Company, Frick Build-

ing in Pittsburgh. Fascinating


Barranger spends a lot of time drag-

ging his hook through eBay sites

starting with “Shelby.” It’s amazing

what he finds.

It was the “COBRA & GT350” on

the front fender of this freshly re-

stored Mel Burns Ford-sponsored

‘65 Fairlane B/SA drag car that

caught Young’s eagle eye. It was in


Hemmings Muscle Machines

March 2016 pictorial from the 2015

Chicago “Muscle Car & Corvette

Nationals” show.

Barranger spotted picture frames

engraved with names in a gift shop

on Aruba. Naturally he found the

one for “Shelby.” Aruba? That’s in

southern New Jersey, isn’t it?

The British automobile publication


can usually be counted on to

carry some pretty interesting items.

Ted Warren spotted this full-page ad

for the newest Ford GT. Pretty slick.