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Spring 2016 23

In the 1950s and 1960s, when vaca-

tioning by car was gaining popular-

ity, almost all rest stops, service

stations and restaurants on the road

sold window decals which advertised

where you had stopped. It wasn’t un-

common to see station wagons and

sedans with rear side windows cov-

ered with decals showing where

their travels took them: like to

Shelby, Montana. Thanks to Bob

Barranger for this one.

Young passed a

table full of fliers

for future swap

meets and auc-

tions being held

in the Min-


area and immedi-

ately zoomed in on the ‘68 Shelby in-

side the circle on the bottom right

corner. Proving that whatever it takes

to be an eagle eye, Young still has it.

The Historic Vehicle Association started their “This Car Matters” registry

with the Daytona Coupe. They have made good use of it in ads and postcards.

This one shows driver Craig Breedlove at Bonneville. Young scored one.

Young must be on the mailing list of

some auction companies who have

apparently mistaken him for a high

roller. No matter: he’s turning up


We’ll barely give this one to Young

because it’s a 7 1/2˝ x 10˝ brochure.

Not exactly obscure.