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Spring 2016 20

Master Eagle Eyes Continue to Thrash it Out

Ok, this thing has lasted far

longer than we ever expected. It all

started when we began getting mul-

tiple eagle eye sightings from Ken

Young in Wisconsin and Jim

Hutchinson in Massachusetts for

each issue.We wondered, aloud, if it

might just be a coincidence – or if it

wasn’t, how long they could keep it

up. Then, before we knew it, we

started getting multiple sightings

from Ted Warren from Louisiana.

As Warren waded into the fray,

we got the feeling

that it might be the eagle eye equiv-

alent of the redneck boast, “


ya’ll–watch this...

” In real life, that

kind of swagger, usually fueled by a

steady stream of alcohol, is followed

by either an explosion, a barrel-roll

or a belly flop. Warren’s eagle eye

sightings were surprisingly unique,

homespun and it seemed like they

were finding him and not the other

way around.

Then we got a large batch from

Bob Barranger of New Jersey. We

challenged him to maintain his

level of participation and were

somewhat surprised when he did.

Like a horse race, some seemed to

step it out while others fell back. Po-

sitions changed continuously. And

once in a while we got a few sight-

ings from dark horses who looked

like they might have what it takes

but faded in the stretch. Where will

it end? We have no idea. We’ll just

Ever seen a ‘68 Suzuki Cobra? We

hadn’t but Jim Hutchinson saw this

one advertised on an auction website.

It’s the T-500 model, but we doubt if

many GT500 owners will be rushing

out to get one to park in their garage.

There is a limit. Somewhere.

Young saw this ad in an issue of

Mike Kelly’s Cruise News

, a Florida

street rod newspaper. It’s hard to

tell what caught his attention first –

the Shelby stripes or the word


You might call it a long term mar-

keting plan: with an eye to future

buyers, Ford teamed up with Lego

to create a new Mustang and F-150

Raptor. This was spotted by Bob

Barranger. It’s hard to believe that

a Ford engineer actually got paid to

develop a Lego Mustang? Are you in

the wrong line of work?

Don’t try making reservations at the

Hotel Fort Shelby in Detroit. No word

if Barranger did but that place is long


It seems like Young spends half of

his life on cruise ships. His latest so-

journ was to Southeast Asia. He ev-

idently didn’t get his fill of Vietnam

in 1968 so he had to go back. Rumor

has it that he lost a cigarette lighter

in a Saigon bordello and returned to

try to find it. He is pictured attempt-

ing to score eagle-eye points exam-

ining what he claimed was a cobra

on the ship’s wall. Spoiler alert:

that’s a seahorse, Young.

We wouldn’t normally consider a

catalog listing like this, sent in by

Young as it turns out, worthy of an

eagle-eye accolade, but something

caught our eye. The diecasts are

1965 GT350s available in red or

black. The description says, “


is the most authentic Shelby diecast

ever created.

” This is the result of

how the passage of time affects his-

tory and accuracy. It’s only going to

get worse, folks.