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Spring 2016 19

Is it our imagination or some kind of

karma? A badge and emblem company

sends us an email every once in a

while looking for new accounts. They

attach a bunch of samples and there

always seems to be one that is Cobra

related. We wonder what Capitol Area

club this is?

Stones Custom Glocks will stipple any

polymer-framed gun. They use a sol-

dering iron and can also incorporate a

logo. One of the ones they pictured was

this G.I. Joe Cobra logo. The pistol is a

Springfield XD. Thanks to Brett Mc-

Donald of Covina, California for turn-

ing this one up. Not sure if it’s his.

Pete Doriguzzi, Vice President of Hea-

cock Classic insurance and SAAC

member was on a business trip to at-

tend the SVRA National Champi-

onship vintage races in Austin, Texas

(we know – it’s a tough job but some-

body’s got to do it...) when he stopped

at a Texaco station to refuel his rented

car. We continue to be amazed that of

all the cars in the world that Texaco

could have put in these advertise-

ments they chose a Cobra and a

Shelby. Trust us: it wasn’t a random


If you keep your eyes open you’re sure

to spot Shelbys everywhere. Doug Cre-

santa of Satellite Beach, Florida sent

this picture he snapped of a sign for a

wholesale auto sales company in Mel-

bourne that has a ‘66 Shelby on it. If

you were wondering where Midtown

Mike is, now you know.

Elvis is alive and driving a 427 Cobra

comp car (CSX3011) in Palm Springs.

Possibly, according to eagle eye Greg

Melnyk who saw this in the December

2015 issue of

Travel Host Palm



Tom Dankel of Hollister, California, a

frequent contributor to this column,

was sitting on a United Airlines flight,

minding his own business when he

started flipping through the pages of

the January issue of


United’s in-flight magazine. An article

titled “Car Guys” led off with a picture

of a GT40 in Gulf livery at speed. The

article was about “

a father and son in

a souped-up Subaru and a 1,000-mile

crash-filled rally across Newfound-


” Good thing they led off with a

GT40. Who would have continued

reading the article if they had showed

a Subaru?