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Fall 2016 9


At Monterey’s annual car week, auction companies engage in intense com-

petition to get historical or interesting cars. They use the top ones as headlin-

ers, to get attention and draw people to their event. The cars they line up in

advance are used in print ads and appear prominently in their catalogs. Others,

which are consigned as the events near, are often used in email blasts. We got

one such email from Russo and Steele that showed a 1959 Tojeiro California/

TCAL59 Barcheta. If the name Tojeiro has a familiar ring to it, you might recall

that the original AC roadster was based on a two-seat sports car designed by

John Tojeiro in the early 1950s.We thought there was something familiar about

this 1959 one-off race car that Russo and Steele was advertising.

The first race car was the only one

created from a clean sheet of paper.

Every other one following it were vari-

ations, in one way or another. Designs

and ideas are often “shared,” with or

without attribution. That’s accepted

with race cars. Some of the features in

Tojeiro’s race car were obviously bor-

rowed by the fabricators who created

the Flip-Top Cobra. And Tojeiro’s ideas

had been, no doubt, borrowed from

some other race car before it.

Look for all of them to be on dis-

play, fender to fender, on a large used

car lot out near the edge of town, and

at the edge of...