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Fall 2016 8

Jeff Burgy’s


One of the nicest images we’ve seen yet is this Ford promotional picture show-

ing the three generations of Ford GTs, in red, white and blue. It would make a

pretty poster.

Following their victory at LeMans,

Ford announced a ‘66 Heritage Edition

of the all-new 2017 Ford GT. The spe-

cial edition cars will be painted black

(matte or gloss) with white LeMans

stripes and the number “2” in the

roundels. They will also have unique

interior colors and “

unique materials

and appointments”

to celebrate the

1966 LeMans-winning GT40. It’s too

bad that Bruce McLaren and Chris

Amon are no longer with us. It would

have been especially nice to see them

share the spotlight with the new Ford

GT on the 50th anniversary.

If history is indication, ten years

from now these ‘66 Heritage models

should be bringing a sizable premium

on the secondary market. Remember

the Gulf Heritage 2006 models? Only

343 were made (seventeen percent of

production) and that option was an

eyebrow-raising $13,000. Lately they

command a sizable premium. Only

time will tell.

Ford has announced that the new

GT will continue to be built through

2020. The two additional years are

good news for those who applied for

ownership for the $400,000 super car

and were rejected. They will get an-

other chance to take a bite of the

apple. Applications for the second year

will be accepted in 2018 and cars in

the third year of production will go to

those already on the waiting list.

Here’s another thing to consider.

The newest GTs will be available in

eight different exterior colors and buy-

ers will have a choice of five colors for

the Brembo brake calipers: silver, blue,

orange, red or black. This will provide

a dizzying number of variations. The

trick will be trying to determine the

rarest color combination which might

effect future desirability. As cars are

ordered and built individually, there is

no way to predict color choices in ad-

vance. The outcome will merely be a

matter of happenstance.