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Fall 2016 5


In the month before Monterey car

week, auction companies, concours

shows and just about every other au-

tomotive event pull all out stops to get

as much publicity as they can. And no

wonder: there is so much going on dur-

ing that long weekend that enthusi-

asts have to pick and choose what

events they wish to attend, because

it’s impossible see everything. This

picture of Lynn “Mr. Cobra” Park, with

CSX3346 in his shop, was used in an


New York Times

article in

their “Collectible Cars” section in the

July 28th edition. Titled, “At Pebble

Beach, Where Rare Is Common, a

Shelby Cobra Stands Out,” it de-

scribed a 427 Cobra that will be en-

tered in the Pebble Beach concours in

the Postwar Preservation class.

The car, with less than 3,000 miles

on it, has been judged to be absolutely

original and authentic by every Cobra

expert worthy of the title. Presently in

the hands of its fourth owner, Evan

Metropoulis of Beverly Hills, who

bought it in 2009 for $1.3M, none of

the other three previous owners saw

fit to drive the car very much, and it

1966 and essentially not drive it. And

two other people could also purchase

it and, likewise, keep it in storage. And

we’re betting that Metropoulis isn’t

about to make up for lost time and

start racking up the miles. The second

thing that is hard to believe is that

this car will not leave Pebble Beach

without a top award in the survivor

class. (PS: it didn’t.)

the freedom of unlimited imagination

Khyzyl Saleem is a 22 year-old concept

artist in Guildford, England who spe-

cializes in taking today’s exotics and

making them even more wild and out-

rageous. Unlike someone working in

metal, fiberglass or carbon fiber who

faces certain physical limitations im-

posed by the medium they handle,

Saleem has no limits other than his

imagination and the rendering soft-

ware he employs. He has dozens of

samples on his website and it’s worth

a look.

shows. Metropoulis is a preservation-

ist who values the car’s pristine condi-

tion over just about everything else.

Every part on the car, from radiator

hoses to wiper blades are the same

ones that came on the car when it was

new. The paint is all original.

There are two things about this

Cobra that are hard to believe. One is

that someone could buy this car in