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Capitol Region Shelby Club meet? And

didn’t I hurt the transmission drag

racing or towing the car or something

like that?

BINGO! I immediately replied

that it wasn’t me, but it had to be the

previous owner of my Shelby, as I had

been told the same story thirty years

earlier. Secondly, would he sell that

main case back to me? I called him

and we talked a bit and arrived at an

extremely fair price for it. He deliv-

ered it to me at Ford Carlisle a few

weeks later. As it turned out, the case

was undamaged inside (although at

some point an ear had been welded

back on, but it was a nice job).

Brant Halterman confirmed that

the casting and assembly dates were

consistent with when my car was

built. I was floored that the transmis-

sion case had turned up after all these

years – and that it was in the hands of

someone I knew. I was really grateful

to Rob for selling it back to me (and at

a fair price). The odds of finding it

would have been about zero if the cir-

cumstances had been any different. I

probably should have gone out that

night and bought some Powerball tick-

ets, but at that point, I felt like I had

already won the lottery.


Fall 2016 69