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ack when I was a struggling col-

lege student (around 1982), I

had an opportunity to buy a 1966

Shelby GT350 (SFM6S1342) that had

been drag-raced by a guy named

Frank Likert. He worked with my

uncle in Norfolk, Virginia at the Naval

Air Rework Facility. It was actually a

three-way deal where I got the Shelby,

Frank got my uncle’s recently built

(and raced very little) 1974 Camaro

limited sportsman stock car, and my

uncle got my money.

The Shelby was a tired, but decent

car. It had actually been featured in

The Shelby American

, Vol 5, #5, “Turn

Left at Langley.” Before I got it, Frank

had reinstalled the original 289 Hi-Po

motor, with the same close ratio top-

loader 4-speed he had used when he

drag raced, and later autocrossed, the


When I got 6S1342, it also came

with nearly all of the original parts

that had been taken off while it was

being raced, including all five 10-spoke

wheels (including one with the origi-

nal spare tire), the Cobra tach, the 715

cfm Holley carb, the radiator and

shroud, among other things. However,

one thing that was not included was

the original aluminum T-10 4-speed

transmission, and I eventually asked

Frank about that.

He told me that when he started

drag racing the car seriously, around

1971 or so, he used to flat-tow it on a

tow bar (remnants of the tow tabs are

on the front frame rails to this day)

with an old Buick that was his daily

transportation. One Saturday after-

noon, he was driving out to Suffolk

Raceway with the GT350 in tow, for


Fall 2016 67

– Dave Redman