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later I walked around the cars to get a

tool and found her with her Super

Snake up on jack stands. Can you not

love that?

So down the road, what’s going to

happen with the girls and cars?

Shelby enjoys sporty cars and driving

fast but she also enjoys extreme com-

fort. It’s hard to imagine what her cur-

rent practical ride will eventually be

replaced with. Will Nicole’s first old

car be the spark that pulls her into the

hobby to stay? Or, might it scare her

off? And AnniePearl – she’s still seven

years away from driving legally. Yet

she has a real interest in the cars and

a thirst for knowledge about how they

work and how they need to be main-


Interests change and circum-

stances don’t always allow for a hobby.

For many years that was my situation

– a hobby couldn’t be a priority. But

now circumstances are such that I’m

able to once again work on the cars for

fun and pull others into the mix. What

I’m experiencing is that taking the

time to expose young people to our

hobby, and actually working with

them, isn’t good for just the hobby. It’s

enjoyable and rewarding for me and it

provides them with knowledge not

easily found anymore.

It doesn’t always stick and I’ve

had a couple failed attempts at culti-

vating an interest. The teenage boy

living next door was always polite but

baseball, basketball and probably girls

had far more sway over him than an

old car without air conditioning. His

younger brother went so far as to ac-

tually sit in the car and go for a short

ride. What he really wanted, though,

was someone to toss a football with.

So we would toss a football. The cur-

rent young neighbor needs to age

some. He just turned two.

To be honest, the folks working on

the newer generation cars are just as

knowledgeable and passionate as any

generation, and what they do can be

quite impressive, so there’s really no

limit on who can do this. As it is, I have

access to old cars and I know there

will be more opportunities for me to

help others understand the older cars.

So I’ll keep trying. But for the moment

it’s just me, my brother when he’s in

town and the girls.


Fall 2016 66