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Wanted to Buy / Re: 1967 High Performance Manual
February 11, 2024, 03:49:07 PM
Contact Vern Estes
I was part of another marquees forum for many years. There was a crazy person on there that drove everyone insane. The forum was run by a business servicing the cars we all loved. Nothing was ever done about this person and he was on there for years much to the detriment of the forum.

I didn't then and don't now understand the allowing of someone to create such a distraction to the core reason for the forums existence

And blocking them here doesn't remove their name from your vision which is a shame as you keep seeing the name pop up

The Lounge / Re: Starting to lay out new work shop
December 13, 2023, 03:47:30 AM
Mine is 22 x 90

All I would say is that if you want four post lifts you need a deeper shop for the ramps. Those babies are long! or have removable ramps. Walking around four posts at my buddies shop is a chore

I made darn sure my ceiling height at the ends could allow stackable lifts. I have three full height bays in the centre (35 feet)

Car is not a Shelby
The Lounge / Where are you located?
October 17, 2023, 02:27:12 AM
Hey folks

Noticing a slightly alarming trend here on posts where folks are looking for a part

Unfortunately this trend is firmly established on Facebook

Just putting this out there for folks that may not see what's going on with Facebook

The volume of scammers is absolutely insane. Some posts have ten scam responses to a oarts wanted request on Facebook.

The number one question is "where are you located?"  Well before saying they have the part or anything else.  Of course that is to determine the location of the OP so the scammer can say they are in a location that's too far for collection

Just making folks aware in case so they can be vigilant

Ensure the person offering you the part is either A: a known entity or B: you can verify they exist and have the part they are offering.
Was a battle to get $49k for mine in 2002. Prices have risen nicely since
What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing
Quote from: Jhockman on June 15, 2023, 07:24:21 PM
I just got a 66 tribute

Very nice, I have had a number of them, bought one a few days ago. Nice driver 1965 with Shelby looks that I sold in 2016.
Quote from: tesgt350 on June 15, 2023, 11:43:34 AM
Good car to bring to the 60th Anniversary Mustang Celebration in April 5,6 & 7 2024.  It is at the Barbers Motorsports Track which is a very fun Track.  Registration is open and filling up fast at MCA.

Thank you, I am a boat ride away, I am in England.
Quote from: deathsled on June 15, 2023, 11:07:46 AM
Smoke em while you got em.  Looks like fun factor times ten.

Thank you, At ten bucks a gallon for gas it may not be used too often. haha
I'll have it next week

Saw it a few years back for a valuation and was able to buy it recently.

Based on a 390 GT and is a four speed with dual 4bbl carbs

Excited to drive this one

Cheers. Peter
I read again and again about these systems fixing issues. I spoke to a guy with a spectacular Mach one in PA last month. Said he just installed a Sniper system and it was great BUT!  There always seems to be a but. Something about the Tach causing issues with the system.

Hear the same type of thing again and again.
Guy had four wing cars. Two were moved off site. The other two were six feet in the air. Hard to imagine they would be washed off the lifts
I need a shower. I had a car that sounded like that and sold a fool