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Appeals / Re: Non Mustang Big block tailshaft?
December 18, 2022, 06:18:17 AM
I think I need one of these "C7OR-A tail housing is the same as the C6OR-C, but one was also made to accept the large output shaft(31 spline) of the '68 Torino 428CJ, '68-'69 428CJ Mustang/Cougar/BOSS 429"

Rear shifter mount

31 spline output size

14 inch

Correct trans mount foot for a Mustang Xmember

Edit: I think my lack of knowledge is showing, I have been looking for more info online and it appears big block tailshafts have the wide "foot" mounting. Sorry to be a big lacking in knowledge for big block stuff.

Thanks, Peter

Appeals / Re: Non Mustang Big block tailshaft?
December 18, 2022, 06:09:30 AM
My gosh, thanks folks for taking the time to help me. It is very much appreciated

98SVT. that makes perfect sense that there is an original number then updates to the design.

430 Drag pack, So my tail shaft C60R-7A040-C. You think its a small block small output unit bored out for a larger tail shaft?

This is what got me confused on David Kees ID chart. My unit is listed twice

Thing is on his page the units shown with the descriptions below don't show the rear bosses (undrilled) in place like on my unit

Also mine definitely has the big output so may have been bored as you mention they can be.

But Davids chart lists for a 428/429 so could it have come with a large bore from Ford or is this a misprint?

So I can use this for a 428 but would need the shifter location adapter you mention. Can't say I have seen one. Or get another tailshaft

The large trans mounting "foot" is that for mounting in a larger car?

Sorry for all the questions. I've had over 200 Mustangs and these things intrigue me

C7OR-7A040-A      1966-68 Fairlane, Cyclone, Ranchero, Torino 289, 302, 390
1966-69 Falcon 289, 302
1966-69 Mustang, Cougar  390
14" length, 28 spline

C7OR-7A040-A      1967 up Fairlane, Cyclone 427, 428
1968-69 Mustang 428, 429

Thank you folks. Peter
Appeals / Re: Non Mustang Big block tailshaft?
December 17, 2022, 06:07:44 AM
Case decodes as 67/68 wide bolt pattern

Tail is a C60R7A0404-C which has me confused As listed for Mustang 428/429

Thanks. Peter
Appeals / Non Mustang Big block tailshaft?
December 17, 2022, 06:02:35 AM
Hello Folks. Would someone with more non Mustang knowledge then me possibly be able to ID the tailshaft with out rear shifter mount holes? Fairlane?

It's listed on David key as various cars including 428 68/69 Mustang

Trans is a big in and output

No tag

I don't recognise the trans mount foot and shifter holes are not in the rear

Other tail is a small block I have
SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: car scam
November 22, 2022, 07:00:37 AM
Had a 65 Fastback in Florida ready to ship to the UK

Guy approached my US contact and wanted the car. Price was something like $32k

Guy put a 3k deposit in our bank and asked for some work to be done at additional cost. Took about a month. Deposit firmly in the account

A month goes by and the car is ready. Guy says would rather pay by certified check. Sent a certified check. Starts aggressively wanting to collect "driver in the area" "driver coming x day". Etc

Bank calls our US contact and asks him to come in. Check was real but payee name was changed. Only way it was found out is the actual account owner the check was drawn on got a statement and called the bank to ask why funds were taken.

Cops were waiting for the haulier when he was told the car was ready. Carted him his mate and a truck and trailer off to the
Police station. $3k was legit. Rest was not. Seriously good scam. We were really only saved by a hurricane which delayed things and the orignal account holder calling the bank.

I called the bank later and asked what would have happened had we delivered the car and you later found the check fraudulent. They said we would have taken the money from your account.

I've since been instructed by a 36 year bank employee. Don't EVER trust any sort of check. EVER

Amazingly. Simon L Lewis in Miami, our US contact, later stole three cars from me. I had invoices for the cars and about fifty emails about the deals. I hired a lawyer in Miami and Simon admitted he owing me the money and came up with a payment plan himself. He didn't pay. Lawyer said for about another 20k she can get a judgement but in all honesty
He still won't pay. I spoke with another lawyer. She said I am happy to take the case but you will never get your money. Then spoke with a debt collector. Wasn't interested. Was $45k so not a few grand.

These POS are untouchable.
I fit a ton of these wheels to 65-68 Fastbacks

I only ever fit 15x7 Torque thrusts with 3.76 backspace and 215/60-15F and 225/60/15
Rear tires

I used to stock 235/60/15s and 15x8 torque thrusts and sold them off due to clearance issues

I don't push the envelope. I just need things to fit when offering them to a customer.

These are the sizes I have found always fit when
The cars suspension is in good shape and quarters are stock. No banging, no rubbing, no issues
Just mentioning I have a set of the inner curved front edge panels and the inner 2 part pieces that lay against the plexi glass. I am in the UK  which may make this unattractive for most folks to purchase. They are repo.

Cheers. Peter
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: Inflation
November 02, 2022, 04:28:19 AM
2020. August, bought a 1968 Standard black vinyl interior from my supplier, Cost in the USA before import to the UK  where I live. £169

2022. August, bought another identical interior. Same everything, Cost in the USA before import to the UK  where I live. £405

Now thats a jump, Inflation and exchange rate double trouble

I've been selling used basic stuff here to clear space after a shop move. Sucks to keep buying shelves to just look at stuff sitting there. Selling nearly everything I list. Just sold a used Dash pad. Looked up the cost of a new one bought in the UK. I almost fainted. Sold it in ten seconds along with nice used door cards. Best time I have ever seen to clear shelves. Stock availability and current prices make used parts at 1/2-1/4 new prices very attractive.

I just used another of my previously paid £40 for, petrol tanks. I don't even want to look at the new prices.

Bill and Peter, Thank you very much, I have always wondered about this. Excellent replies. Thank you once again. Peter in the UK 
Quote from: Coralsnake on October 17, 2022, 01:29:30 PM
If the salt water got to it, you are going to have salt in all the seams, inside the frame rails, rockers, seat pans, etc. Imagine the damage to things like the radio and wiring connectors. Not to mention the engine...

It really needs to go to bare steel and be neutralized as soon as possible.

There is a lot you can save, but its not going to be cheap.

Pete. Do you think the salt could ever be well enough neutralised in the shell to make it so it won't creep out in years/months to come? My friend was looking at a convertible that was a recent flood car. 38 inches of salt water! and I said in my opinion it was done.

Just wondering your thoughts. Cheers. Peter
2170 was Iron
Appeals / Re: 1966 shelby spare
October 16, 2022, 11:51:44 AM
2170 had five painted magnums
PM sent. thank you
1967 Shelby GT350/500 / Re: Driver side remote mirror
September 09, 2022, 01:55:37 AM
Do you mean the glass?  If so. Remove bezel on interior control knob and twist it a few times so the cables twist. Reattach. This helps mirror glass flip

If you mean the head itself. MASSIVELY annoying. They just can't make a mirror that doesn't seem to loosen. Just like frying pan handles and toilet seats
The Lounge / Re: Blocking?
August 30, 2022, 12:27:13 PM
Unfortunately It hasn't seemed to work

Maybe takes a bit to clear from new posts