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Topics - pmustang

Very legit Facebook page that helps people find cars that mean alot to them

Replicas and Tribute / Dual pulley on an early 428
March 21, 2024, 04:39:45 PM
Looking for expert advice on how to add a dual crank pulley to this setup

I deal with a bunch of small block and 390 cars every year

Not run into this before. C scratch 428

What I am dealing with is  said to be a 61-67 FE balancer/pulley setup

The engine is in my personal 68FB

I  having Borgeson Installed and need a dual pulley on the crank pulley.

I have plenty of three bolt single/dual and triple pulleys

But I am told the cast one is the one I need

But others have said I can add a 3 bolt like those found on a small block

Can anyone shed any light on this?

1st two photos are my engines balancer and single I'll do

Third is what someone recommended

Forth is what someone else

Thank you.

The Lounge / Where are you located?
October 17, 2023, 02:27:12 AM
Hey folks

Noticing a slightly alarming trend here on posts where folks are looking for a part

Unfortunately this trend is firmly established on Facebook

Just putting this out there for folks that may not see what's going on with Facebook

The volume of scammers is absolutely insane. Some posts have ten scam responses to a oarts wanted request on Facebook.

The number one question is "where are you located?"  Well before saying they have the part or anything else.  Of course that is to determine the location of the OP so the scammer can say they are in a location that's too far for collection

Just making folks aware in case so they can be vigilant

Ensure the person offering you the part is either A: a known entity or B: you can verify they exist and have the part they are offering.
I'll have it next week

Saw it a few years back for a valuation and was able to buy it recently.

Based on a 390 GT and is a four speed with dual 4bbl carbs

Excited to drive this one

Cheers. Peter
Saw this on Facebook

Appeals / Non Mustang Big block tailshaft?
December 17, 2022, 06:02:35 AM
Hello Folks. Would someone with more non Mustang knowledge then me possibly be able to ID the tailshaft with out rear shifter mount holes? Fairlane?

It's listed on David key as various cars including 428 68/69 Mustang

Trans is a big in and output

No tag

I don't recognise the trans mount foot and shifter holes are not in the rear

Other tail is a small block I have
The Lounge / Blocking?
August 29, 2022, 07:23:15 PM
Just a quick question. On other forums you can block other members posts from appearing

Is that an option here?

Was at the AACA Museum today in Hershey Pa

A lovely gent pulled in with a 65 GT350. He took the time to chat to me about the car and it's amazing history. Being stolen years ago and returned to him in 2010

Also spoke to another gent with a 67 GT350 with an equally neat story about the cars restoration

I am sorry I don't have names but gents like this making Shelbys even more interesting are what it's all about. Thank you gents
1968 Shelby GT350/500/500KR / Pete D
December 30, 2021, 10:22:54 AM
I know you are hunting these

Saw this on Facebook

The Lounge / Does anyone love near Lawrenceville Ga?
November 12, 2020, 12:45:10 PM
Hello Folks

Looking at a Mustang/non Shelby in Lawrenceville and wondered if anyone lived local enough to sniff around it a bit and verify it and the owner exist?

Only looking for a once over to say "yeah the photos are a good representation" and yeah the owner exists

Too many damn scams around

Thanks. Peter in the U.K.

PS. Certainly would take care of you for your time
The Lounge / Are they valve covers reproduced?
October 30, 2020, 01:36:10 PM
Hello Folks, I have the opportunity to purchase a nice grouping of 428 CJ and SCJ parts and among them are these valve covers, Block, heads, crank, rods. etc. 

Just trying to determine if they are original or reproductions?

thanks for any light you can shed on this.

thanks, Peter
Kinda cool. Found under the carpet of a pretty darn original 67 Fastback. Never saw this before.
The Lounge / Pure Venom
July 28, 2020, 12:25:33 AM
Pretty neat one found recently. Sadly not by me
Hello Folks

Along with everyone else in the world I am looking for 1967/68 Fastbacks

From non running project to real nice driver quality cars

I don't have a market for concourse stuff

A or C code project to real nice drivers. Project T codes, Do not care at all what the colour or interior used to be. I care what the car looks like now.

I can't pay full retail but being in Europe I can pay good money. I won't mess you about, if I am interested I will tell you immediately and if we can come to a financial agreement I have fund now, not in a month or after I sell grandmas house.

Troy K on here can vouch for me.

Thanks folks. Peter

Hello Folks,

Need to replace my idler arm on 2170. Very small amount of play but like to keep things fresh

Can you suggest a supplier? Don't need NOS, nor show car correct. Just correct fitting. Branda? Virginia Mustang?

Cheers. Peter

Folks, Just wondering if anyone lives in Tulsa area.

I purchased 2 cars in that area from a well known person and am having a nightmare getting copies of titles and bills of sale for them from this person

Getting the cars after that may be another issue but I don't know yet

Cars were bought and paid for in January and checks were cashed.

This is a well known person in the Mustang circles. He may be having some personal issues so I am not looking to hurt his repuations. Just get my title copies, get the titles fed ex'ed to my shipper and get the cars collected

He says he texted me the titles and bills of sale, I did not receive them. he also told another huge person in the Mustang community who is not nearby that he would send him the title photos, No dice

Thank you. Peter in the UK

I will most definitely pay for your time and efforts.

PM may be best, I can call you so no costs to you.

The Lounge / Rare and ????
February 03, 2020, 01:53:28 PM
Short while ago I purchased a one owner, stored since 1978 Mustang fastback

Today we pulled the interior and carpet

This was lying under the carpet with lime gold overspray on it

Any ideas? Strangely this may not be the first one I have found or seen...looks familiar