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Up For Auction / Re: 8T02S12683300444 on BAT
May 19, 2024, 02:38:25 AM
Very nice, Congrats.
Well I have now driven the car. Its an ANIMAL! its like pressing fast forward when you hit the throttle. I've had over 250 Mustangs and this one honestly scares me. The Borgeson works great. Thanks for all the replies which helped me move forward. I now have an early 390 balancer to wear on a gold chain like a Mustang Rapper.
An update for everyone

So the new 68 and later balancer and pulley went on fine.

A few nail biting days and the Borgeson is completely on and fits even with a 428 with headers.

I get the car back in a few days. Excited to try it now that the issue with the TKX install is sorted as well.

Cheers. Peter
You got that right

I went from clueless to knowing just enough to be dangerous in all this

Pulling the oil pan would have been informative but I'm already into the car so deep that I didn't want to open another can of worms

Thanks for your assist

I am looking forward to my first proper drive

Any new developments will be reported here.

A large amount of material was removed off that hatchet from all appearances

Further down the rabbit hole

Car hasn't been started since these parts were installed

You folks are the Magnum PI of Mustang Sleuths

Love it
Very legit Facebook page that helps people find cars that mean alot to them

Hello Folks,

As you kindly gave me advice I will keep you informed of my decision (right or wrong) and the outcome after install

So I went with a new 68 and later balancer and pulley.

I will have those installed and see where we are then. Of course I will report back

Thanks again
Thank you everyone

Very helpful posts

Now to make a decision and order some bits for when I come back to the states in June

Thank you. Peter
Thank you Scott

I get what you are saying, by changing the damper then other alignment issues may present themselves. As the car has no air or power steering then my alignment issues would potentially be smaller in comparison to a fully loaded up engine belt system.

If I understand you correctly: Your feelings are that by buying the correct 428SCJ balancer which is a larger unit then what I have that there won't be, or shouldn't be any issues due to my current and the possible new SCJ correct one being neutral balance. So they won't, in theory affect the current balance of the rotating assembly.

thanks for your assistance.
Thank you Bob

I have had what you said earlier confirmed by another person about the Balancer on my car being an Early 390 unit

I spoke to the mechanic this morning and he did say the engine, although strong as an ox does have a light vibration at higher rpms. Not so much that is feels there is something massively wrong but its definitely there and definitely in the engine.

So your thoughts are that it may cause further issues if I was to source and install a correct SCJ balancer on the engine?

Thank you once again. peter
Just went to view the car again

Definitely no room for a normal balancer

Looks like a cast pulley would be needed

Now to find one
Hello Bob

Thank you for taking the time to help me out

Car is a 68 C code fastback that had this motor swapped in.

I bought the car several years ago and brought it to the UK

Engine is a C scratch block. (Saw when installing a different trans)

Engine has been running and zero vibration. The car runs like a scalded car

Forgive me for my naïveté on the matter. But if the existing balancer/pulley is taken off. Is it a normal crank snout or is the hatchet weight assembly integral?

I've had many of these cars. But predominantly small blocks so have no experience with the hatchet weight setup

Trying to find out what would lock me into using the cast iron extra pulley as opposed to the later
68 style balancer and bolt on pulley

Thank you. Peter
Replicas and Tribute / Dual pulley on an early 428
March 21, 2024, 04:39:45 PM
Looking for expert advice on how to add a dual crank pulley to this setup

I deal with a bunch of small block and 390 cars every year

Not run into this before. C scratch 428

What I am dealing with is  said to be a 61-67 FE balancer/pulley setup

The engine is in my personal 68FB

I  having Borgeson Installed and need a dual pulley on the crank pulley.

I have plenty of three bolt single/dual and triple pulleys

But I am told the cast one is the one I need

But others have said I can add a 3 bolt like those found on a small block

Can anyone shed any light on this?

1st two photos are my engines balancer and single I'll do

Third is what someone recommended

Forth is what someone else

Thank you.