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Quote from: deathsled on June 06, 2024, 08:36:20 PMOkay.  It is tough to read.  Could it be from a 68?

Stamping would be easier to rear from the other side of the panel

Yes it could be from any year but the design and style would limit that. Date stamps in sheet metal in the 60's did not include the year in the code typically
Quote from: deathsled on June 06, 2024, 06:24:59 PMLooks like it has some numbers on the soup lid.

Date code of when that panel was stamped
Up For Auction / Re: 5S250 - on BAT
June 05, 2024, 09:13:15 PM
Quote from: tesgt350 on June 05, 2024, 04:28:53 PMWhy isn't this car Street Legal?

You can also add license plates, front and back, and front bumper all depending on location
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: Fuel pump question
June 04, 2024, 08:15:10 PM
Agreed. On the other side of the main cast body of the pump will be the date the pump was assembled. Didn't include that in the collection below. Going to be expensive if or looking for a real one. Some are faking them either for themselves or to offer to sale and not all sellers either know or are not honest

They always do such a nice job with the shows and events. Should visit more often

Thanks for sharing
Appeals / Re: 67 Mustang Black Interior Paint
June 03, 2024, 04:07:46 PM
A couple of hints to hopefully help you be more original and successful in your project

Often owners/builders will, after stripping down to the metal and exposing the full grain of the surfaces, apply a couple of light full coats of semi-gloss black in an effort to retain as much as possible the grain. Then over coat with a couple of full but dry coats of the Charcoal to get the metallic and grayish finish. If you apply the charcoal too heavy it will fill the grain and become glossy.

Also remember that the door paint was under the body color and the interior color did not follow the weather strip on ever side of the door jamb.

Quote from: 67350#1242 on June 03, 2024, 02:48:45 PM..................... Of course may not apply to your 68 with the wider radiator, just saying Marti hoses not gospel, and he does not appear to be receptive to listening to the problem.  It's strange because at one time he was supplying a correct fitting hose.

Would offer that Kevin or at least his worker did contact some of us to collect data, opinions and findings so they did make efforts and were at least receptive to the input from what I saw. Have not seen a change in his product line or heard of any as a results of those efforts but they did make an effort.

Just sharing 
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: 1966 GT350 GAS CAP
June 01, 2024, 02:15:12 AM
For originals I've got pictures of the Stant mark surrounded by two circles one in side of the other - Initials in the center. Can't post a picture right at the moment  :(
I've tried Pertronix on a couple of my cars but have returned to the simple point system. Got tied of the car dying out on the side of the road once it warmed up - normally at about 9-15 miles from home. One never left the shop after restoration before I changed. On that one one time it would start then five minutes later it would. back and forth.

Your mileage may vary as you have certainly seen from others experience all over the web
Quote from: Tomdeg on May 30, 2024, 03:16:58 PMThanks Jeff. So being able to start the car with the wheel away is normal?

Steering wheel (tilt) position and what gear the transmission is in when trying to start are two different things

Looks like you need to trouble shoot and investigate the tilt related wiring
Quote from: Road Reptile on May 28, 2024, 09:06:14 PMHi again 67 fans,
This small bracket seems to be on cars with A/C and as we know they also have a H.D.
Battery. This may have been added to eliminate the "shake" that occurs when the added load from the compressor attempts to slow the engine down. We also know that the A/C

There are many Mustangs also built with the support bracket

Would have to check if my spread sheet has examples (Shelby and Mustangs) before you Feb 67 date.

Also additional time would be needed to see if their Marti reports (of the Mustangs with the brackets originally) have the HD battery or not.

Lots more examples and data points if you don't limit the collection to just Shelbys and possibly also other plants
Since we're covering all the bases  :)  For San Jose built cars we find the plastic cover design used on 65 so in turn the 66 carry overs. There have been some discussions about different patterns possibly used at the other two plants during these time periods
Quote from: deathsled on May 19, 2024, 01:35:52 PMIt would be car 843. Registry says a radio was installed on 1-31-66 by (for) Hi Performance Motors.


The metal one would be my suggestion

Four of many unrestored examples from 66 San Jose built Mustangs/Shelbys

Both are original to and for different production periods at San Jose.  Would need to know (already got that its a 66 from your other post) when, about, your car was completed at San Jose