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ell, let’s see now, Drew, Janet,

and Emily Serb are going,

Gayle and Peter Brock are going, Rick

and Colleen Kopec are going, a bunch

of guys from Sacramento are going,

soooo…ah, to Hades with it, I’ll go, too!

I don’t have any buckaroonies left this

month to go anywhere, but that’s no

big deal, because my credit card has

plenty of red hot simoleons, just sittin’

there, ready to be spent any time, on

any thing.

I approach the much better half

with my last minute decision to fly

3,000 miles across the good ol’ US of A

to make a first time appearance at

Florida’s Amelia Island Concours

Week, where I’ve heard the classic, ex-

otic, and muscle cars are plentiful and

beautiful. She sarcastically says, “


go to a car show all the way across the

country? Noooo!

” Then she sets down

to begin the arduous task of using re-

wards points to get lil’ ol’ me to Florida

and back for zippo, zero, nada. Well,

the flight may be sort of a freebie, be-

cause after paying extra for more

legroom and extra to check a bag, my

sorry butt may be sitting in the seat

for “free” but I’m still forking out

scheckels for “a thissa’ an’ a thatta’.”

Both of those things used to be free not

that long ago.

Considering I was born cheap, and

have matured to become even cheaper,

I am surprised to find my rental car, a

full-size furrin’ somethin’ ‘ur other, is

more than reasonably priced, as in

four complete days for under 200

George Washington greenbacks. Now,

the hotel room was a different story al-

together. Don’t get me wrong, I under-

stand supply and demand, so in their

eyes, hoteliers feel they have a perfect

right to jack up the prices when there

are going to be an unlimited number

of warm bodies looking for a limited

number of rooms, especially when

those rooms are on a small island. My,

shall we say, average room cost me

over $200 a night, while the weeks be-

fore and after Amelia Island Concours

Week cost $90 a night. I definitely felt

I should have gotten a kiss each

evening right before going to bed, be-

cause…well, you know.

Thursday, March 10th

Bonham Auction, Gooding Preview

“URR-URR-URR. Wakey-wakey

time, as in a thoroughly obnoxious,

bone-jarring cell phone ripping off

your right ear to announce that,

Morning has broken, like the first


” Cat Stevens 1971. It’s my

very first time at a large event like

Amelia Island Concours, so I arise as

early as humanly possible so I can

drive around the newly discovered

highways and byways to get “the lay of

the land.” Cruising slowly along unfa-

miliar dawn-lit roads, turning “thiss-

away an’ a thattaway” (that sounds so

cool), it doesn’t take long to figure out

Amelia Island Parkway is literally the

main artery of the whole concours

week. Each and every event held day

or night can be found either on the

parkway, or on ancillary roads branch-

ing off the parkway to a nearby loca-


I always use my trusty GPS

(Grandpa Positioning System), which

consists of a series of Google map con-

figurations printed out before leaving

my Sacramento front door, because I

have been led astray too many times

by Nav Sat systems to points un-

known to most humankind. This is

Florida ‘gator country, and I have ab-

solutely no intention of winding up on

a dead end in some swamp, face to face

with a long snouted, razor toothed crit-

ter that has not evolved beyond its di-

nosaur days. I watch those kind of “get

lost” movies, and trust me, they never

end well for the “lostee.”

The first place I visit to see some

serious chump change get double

greased from one palm to another is

Bonham’s, a most respected auction

house frequented by classy patrons to

buy and sell classy automobiles of all

shapes and sizes (and that also de-

scribes the patrons). The first gentle-

man I see of any notoriety is Wayne

“Chasing Classic Cars” Carini. I

record his program which I watch over

and over again, because I actually

learn valuable “car shtuff” from this

guy. Not to mention, I absolutely love

Roger the par excellence mechanic on

the show, who consistently makes non-

PC comments, which add so much real

personality to the program.

Wayne’s been a knowledgeable

“mover ‘n shaker” in the car biz for a

few moons and definitely has the in-

nate ability to “

know when to hold’em,

and know when to fold’em

” – Kenny

Rogers 1978, when it comes to bidding

for exotic, classic, and muscle cars. I

have introduced myself to him once at

Scottsdale, and once at Monterey, al-

ways making sure I wasn’t interrupt-

ing him when working or socializing.


Spring 2016 66

A Fulk’s Eye View of the Pebble Beach of the East

— Bill Fulk