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usan Stanley of Paoli, Pennsyl-

vania sent along a couple of pic-

tures of her ‘68 GT500 ragtop.

It’s a pretty cool car but the story be-

hind it is even cooler. Her husband,

Bill, purchased the car in August, 1969

from King Ford in Anniston, Alabama.

He was in the Army, stationed at Ft.

McClellan at the time. He bought the

car using his reenlistment bonus. In

1970, he got orders for Frankfort, Ger-

many and they took the Shelby with

them for the year they were there.

After they returned home they drove

the car across the country several

times during Bill’s military career.

Susan said that she fell in love

with the Shelby the first time she

drove it. When Bill moved on to a new

car, she begged him to keep it so she

could use it as her car. It remained her

daily driver until 2000 when her

brother, Steve Capriola, owner of

Steve’s Service, completed a total


Presently, the car is not driven as

much as it once was and that’s under-

standable. Susan enjoys taking it to

local shows. At the American Muscle

Car Show in Media, Pennsylvania in

2013 the car was automobile designer

and cable TV personality Chip Foose’s

top pick and part of the award was a

sketch of the car he did at the event.

This year

American Muscle


chose the car to be on their calendar.

It was photographed with a Lear Jet.


Spring 2016 65

8T03S149492-01757 has had an interesting history and it’s not over yet !