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with socks. Then it hits me: I told the

Kopecs that I’d have dinner with them

at Amelia, and tonight is the last op-

portunity! Rick got me started in the

writing game, and Colleen did me a

super favor, so I owe them big time. I

gave them a call and we’re on for din-

ner. I’m sure they won’t notice I’m not

wearing any socks. It was a great din-

ner and they even let me pick up the

tab. Gosh.

Sunday March 13th

Amelia Island Concours

I could tell you in great detail how

I went to the Amelia Island Concours,

where I saw dozens of people who

were with and without their cars. In-

stead, I am going to simply include

photos. There were 330 cars invited to

the concours and each one was a jewel

in its own right. I’m not sure what the

criteria was for the selection process

but there was only one GT350

(5R534), one Cobra (CSX2512), two

GT40s (the reconstructed GT/101 and

one of only seven MK IIIs) and the

newly restored Shelby DeTomaso P70.


Spring 2016 72