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stunned silence as we all stared at its

curvaceous redness with a “we are not

worthy” gaze upon all our faces.

Enough of furrin’ cars: I want to

see the supercars that are really im-

portant; namely, the GT40s that have

been going to Le Mans! It doesn’t take

long to find them, because there is a

crowd of folks standing in a semicircle

in front of all four of the gorgeous

beasts and you could hear their laugh-

ter from a 100 feet away. I walk up to

take a peek at the cause of the commo-

tion and — surprise, surprise — it’s

faux celebrity “GT Joey,” who au-

thored a book, “Around the World in a

Ford GT,” which tells how he and a

buddy “

planned, prepared, and exe-

cuted a very unique adventure, stop-

ping along the way to invite friends

and fans to take part in the celebra-

tion of our journey

.” Today Joey is sit-

ting, kind of, on Jeff Burgy’s motorized

cart, yakkin’ on his cellphone and ob-

viously enjoyin’ life!

The rest of this sunny, mid-70s,

splendiferous Cars ‘N Coffee event I

spent looking at cars, photographing

cars, looking at more cars, photograph-

ing more cars, but then, the real fun

began, the fun of meets ‘n’ greets with

new friends, old friends, and just plain

folks. It was a classic case of turning”

thisaway” to see Drew, Janet, and

Emily from Northern California, and

“thataway” to see Joe and Gayle from

Sacramento. I also ran into Lee from

Maryland, who was on the island to

put an ‘88 Ferrari 328 GTS and a ‘60

Austin Healey 3000 MKI BN7 up for

auction with RM/Sotheby.

However, the gentleman who was

really interesting to chat with was

North Carolina Ron, who introduced

himself to me because I was wearing

my NorCal Shelby white collared

shirt. He proceeded to tell me he had

built a couple of Cobra kits. It turns

out this gentleman is a master crafts-

man of all trades when constructing a

car, including being quite the fabrica-

tor, and is currently building from

scratch a Lance Reventlow 1958

Scarab sports-racer. The reason I was

impressed is that he mentioned hav-

ing to purchase a rolling wheel in

order to create the body panels. Con-

sidering the only mechanical talent I

have is clicking my ballpoint pen in

order to write a check for work done on

my cars, I was more than just a little


Amelia Island Select, along with

Festivals of Speed, is located on the

grounds of the Omni Amelia Island

Plantation Resort and while just

standing in the midst of all this classic

Florida ambience, I am surprised at

how some car events can offer up some

pretty cool “surprises.” This moment,

for instance. I am taking a few deep

breaths of wonderful fresh air being

supplied from a slight breeze coming

off a picturesque inland waterway full

of sailboats. The immediate surprise to

my senses, however, is the young, full

figured model with the long blonde

hair, wearing a 1950s Bettie Page-

style leopard bikini, draped right be-

fore me over a classic car which I

couldn’t begin to describe. Do I really

have to tell you why I can’t remember

the car? It turns out she and a profes-

sional photographer were doing a

photo shoot for a calendar and they

were given permission by certain own-

ers to use their cars as backdrops. At

least, I think they were cars.

This wouldn’t be all that big a deal,

except it immediately followed an-

other “surprise,” namely a half dozen

or so beautiful women in formal ball

gowns strolling around the grounds,

posing for photos in singles or pairs

alongside the cars for us rank ama-

teurs. I questioned one of the Amelia

Select officials and she said it was all

part of what was being done to benefit

the charity receiving the majority of

the proceeds being generated on this

day. She said it was a takeoff on the

well-known idea beautiful cars are

usually associated with beautiful

women. I told her I couldn’t agree

more, and no, none of them will appear

in this article.

The last surprise was a meet ‘n

greet with Larry Beach (what a name

for a Floridian!), who just happens to

be Team Shelby’s Florida State Direc-

tor, part of their South Atlantic Re-

gion. I was snapping photos of all

these new Shelbys lined up LeMans

start-style, when I happened to notice

their club flag flappin’ in the breeze

above their tent, in the middle of their

club cars. I walked in said, “

Finally, I

find my brethren!

” About a dozen guys

give me the, “

Who the Hades are you?

look, until I point to the logo on my

shirt. Then they replied, “

A NorCal


” so all was well. To Michael

McGuirk of Northern California, Team

Shelby Larry says, “


Driving exhausted back to my

hotel, I’m moanin’ and a groanin’, be-

cause both of my pedibus are hot and

sore even without socks, albeit not in

as bad shape as a couple of days ago


Spring 2016 71