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to have her photo taken next to this

truly American supercar. I’m wearing

my Nor Cal Shelby Editor media

badge, pinned to my Nor Cal Shelby

shirt so I look kind of, sort of, officious,

and that’s probably why she let me

take her photo. I love my job!

Afterwards, I wander on over to

the three “ride ‘n drive” experiences,

one offered by Ferrari, another by

Lamborghini and a third by Alfa

Romeo. Them eyetalians are here in

force, ready to conquer America’s

sports car market by letting you step

right up, set your sorry derriere in

some rich smelling leather, then bang

through them thar Stallion, Bull, and

Dragon gears to your little heart’s de-

light around Amelia Island!

Well, come to find out, it’s not

quite that easy, because after nosing

around a little bit (sniff-sniff-sniff) I

discover one has to be on an already

developed “appointment list,” which

you had to be placed on after inquiring

about purchasing one of their wee

beasties at one of their dealerships. In

other words, you had to be somewhat

pre-approved before being placed on

the “ride ‘n drive” list, which makes

total sense, because if some flea in-

fested, odoriferous yahoo rolls up to

ask for the keys, they can simply reply,

You’re not on the list.

” Fleas and

leather don’t go together!

However, I did something I always

do at ride ‘n drives! No, not ask for the

keys — mainly because I was more

than a bit pooh-tinky from wearing

the same shirt two days in a row in the

Florida humidity, not to mention I

probably had a flea or two from my

rental car and hotel room. Instead, I

asked the absolutely too cutesie Alfa

Romeo girls, both with wonderful “la

dolce vita” accents, if I could have my

picture taken with one of them. They

agreed, one posing and the other pho-

tographing, as I told them I send my

wife an email picture of me with a gor-

geous woman whenever I am away at

a car event, telling her I am having a

“good” time with one of the locals. She

always replies, “

What do you talk


” My wife’s cutesie, but she can

also be so mean.

While leaving, I thought it would be

easiest to just cut through the main

floor of the Ritz-Carlton. Well, wrongo

again, Natty Bumppo; all of a sudden

I realized, too late, I had made a cou-

ple of righty-tighties when they should

have been lefty-loosies. Anyway, in an

alcove just off the hallway maze, I spot

a table occupied by a very beautiful

lady wearing a name tag saying “Vol-

unteer.” Her name is actually Gara,

she lives on “the island,” and proudly

serves as a volunteer during Amelia

Island Concours Auto Week (one of a

cadre of about 700 volunteers). Any-

way, when she sees my NorCal Shelby

white collar shirt, this wonderful

woman proceeds to tell me a great

Cobra story about her Cobra earrings.

You read that right, the dangling

baubles that hang from the lobules au-


Gara’s husband is a verified, cer-

tified, Cobra fanatic from way back,

and currently drives a 427 Cobra

replica (I think she said an Everett-

Morrison), in which they both enjoy

cruising around coastal Florida for no

other reason than they just like gettin’

bugs in their teeth and wind in their


” One fine day she goes to put on

her Cobra earrings and finds she is

missing one, and that just couldn’t be.

Like most women, she keeps all her

jewelry in one place, and one place

only. She complains to her husband,

and he starts doing the old Jimmy

Stewart, “Ah, shucks,” routine, sheep-

ishly staring at the ground, shuffling

his feet, and doing the old, “

Well, uh, I


Come to find out, Mr. Amelia Is-

land Cobra guy took one of her ear-

rings apart, then used the Cobra

emblem logo as a good looking addi-

tion to the top of his dipstick. I’m

guessing he told her he couldn’t

change his oil without it because it

was a quick and sure way to find the

dipstick. The whole time Gara is

telling me this story she is laughing

like crazy, but I’m also guessing she

may have called him a “dipstick” as

she went online to purchase the most

expensive pair of Cobra earrings she

could find. Ya’ gotta’ love it!

Motostalgia Auctions d’ Elegance

is pretty much the new game in town

when it comes to Amelia Island auc-

tions, but they chose a great location

to “see and be seen,” right off Amelia

Island Parkway and directly between

Bonham’s and RM/Sotheby. If you’re

traveling to Bonham’s or RM/Sotheby

you’ll see a great big Motostalgia auc-

tion banner, so why not drive right on

in and take a looky-loo or two, which

is exactly what got me to make a last

minute turn into their parking lot.

Walking around, taking a gander

at what the new guy has to offer, I’m

really kind of impressed, because their

initial Amelia Island auction includes

such first class vehicles as a ‘66 Fer-

rari 330 GT 2+2, ‘06 Mercedes

McLaren SLR, ‘67 Ferrari 330 GTC,

and their main attraction, a ‘35 Mer-

cedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster. Of

course, I’m there to see the Shelby in-

spired automobiles, a ‘67 Shelby

GT500, a 427 Cobra replica and a ‘65

Sunbeam Tiger.


Spring 2016 69