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ask the Opie look-alike kid (if you’re

under 30, look it up) where I can get a

diet soda, he tells me in an out-

landishly honest voice, “

Well, sir, we

have ‘em for sale right over there, but

if you go into the casino, they’re

cheaper and bigger.

” All righty now,

his daddy raised him right!

I begin my aimless wandering

around the good-sized preview area to

find what one could best call a “mixed

bag” of cars, ranging from a couple of

real nice ‘63-‘67 Corvettes, a Mondial

Ferrari, a Jaguar XKE, a few really

good-looking Mustangs, and, I kid you

not, a huge red, western style wagon

for promotional or parade use. This is

the kind of auction where anyone who

wants an entry level collectible classic,

exotic, or muscle car can definitely

find what they’re looking for at a rea-

sonable price. Almost all of the cars up

for bid are great-looking drivers, not

trailer trolley show cars, so what’s cool

about them is that you can buy one to

cruise around in over the weekend,

and still have the fun of doing some

personal upgrade “wrenchin’ on the


Saturday, January 30th

– Sports & Classic Motorcars

My next, and absolutely, positively,

last stop is Scottsdale Sport & Classic

Motorcars, because I am in the middle

of my fourth straight day of pretty

much sun-up-to-sun-down walking

miles per day looking at cars, photo-

graphing cars, taking notes on cars,

and doing meet ‘n’ greets with wonder-

ful people. So, even though I have had

way too much “fun in the sun,” my

Converse clad dogs are barkin’!

I have three reasons for making a

little sojourn to this comfortably up-

scale collector car dealer – a ‘65 Shelby

CSX 427 Cobra Continuation and two

Superformance MKIII 427 Cobra

replicas. Pulling into their parking lot,

I immediately see a sparkling dark sil-

ver Cobra catchin’ some rays under-

neath the bright Arizona sun, just

waiting to have its curvaceous body

made famous in the next NorCal




Walking into their large show-

room, I walk by a knowledgeable gen-

tleman talking to a couple of serious

prospective buyers, who obviously

have come to cut a check, not just take

a picture. He gives me a quick look as

I make my way toward two Cobras

parked side-by-side. I take a couple of

quick pictures and I get the same

quick look, this time with a smile,

when walking past him to make a

hasty exit. This guy is a smart cookie,

because he knows not to waste his

time on a for-sure “looky-loo.” Or

maybe he sees my noticeable limp

from my “barkin’ dogs.”

Back at my cousin’s house I am

kickin’ back, drinkin’ a nice tall, ice

cold, adult beverage, complete with my

tired butt on the couch and sore feet

on the hassock, watchin’ the Barrett-

Jackson Saturday auction. My wife,

hands on hips, leaning forward, says,

You’re watching auctions on TV after

watching auctions in person?

” Eyes

still glued to the tube, I respond, “


course, what else would I be doing. It’s


” I swear, out of the

corner of my eye, I could actually see

her eyeballs rolling across the ceiling,

and her jaw hitting the floor. Not a

pretty sight. Truth be known, this is

probably the “best seat in the house”

for watching bidders outbid each other

to become the next owner of a classic,

exotic, or muscle car of their choice.

Feeling a tad drowsy, I begin to

doze off, which is easy to do, because

the wife, who can’t stand the continual

“Hubbita-Hubbita, Habita-Habita” of

the auctioneer, insists I watch TV auc-

tions with the sound “OFF.” If you’re

married, you are definitely a master in

the art of compromise and negotiation.

It’s better known as survival.

Wait a minute, that SMILING

face is PETER KLUTT! What the…ya’

gotta’ be kiddin’ me! He just bought a

Shelby 289 Cobra, CSX2495, beauti-

fully restored with Webers, Hali-

brands, and owned by the same family

for fifteen years

” Even though she’s

behind me, I can see the much better

half shaking her head as she walks

out of the room. God, I love her!


Spring 2016 51