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an abrupt halt after almost crashing

into some caffeine addicted folks, then

I simply blurt out, “

Can I get some ice


” The second the words leave

my big mouth, I sense the presence of

someone beside me, and sure enough,

I had rudely cut in front of a beautiful

woman who had been waiting to place

her order – oops, my bad! I had to

make a gentlemanly recovery, so I

chivalrously offered up the following

words, “

I’ll also pay for this beautiful

woman’s coffee because I so rudely cut

in front of her.

” The rather formal cof-

fee grinder server curtly offered up

these Downton Abbey accent words,

Sir, the beverages are compliments of


and Company.

” Ooohh,

SMACK! She and I began to laugh,

however, the barristoid adopted a

regal glare, with only a hint of a smile.

Friday, January 29th

– RM/Sotheby’s

Entering RM/Sotheby this fine

evening, I am on my own to once again

(probably my only again) enjoy the

“ladies and gentleman” atmosphere of

one of the best auction houses in the

classic, exotic, muscle car world. Don

Lee’s more than gracious hospitality

in making me a member of his “crew”

means I have the “purple” wristband

to enjoy carte blanche access to the


Strolling head held high past the

eagle eye sentries with my wristband

in full view, I don’t see any of the oth-

ers around, but walking through the

double doors to the ballroom, I in-

stantly find myself face to face with

Barry Meguiar, the “Car Crazy” guy

his mo’ bad self! He doesn’t recognize

me, of course, but I introduce myself,

tell him we’ve met a couple of times,

including Concorso Italiano during

Monterey Auto Week, and that I am

from Sacramento, California.We get to

yakkin’ carspeak, and when I explain

to him I am now writing articles on

auto events, focusing on Shelby cars,

he invites me to the Benedict Castle

Concours this April in Riverside Cali-

fornia. He and his beautiful and gra-

cious wife, Karen, assure me this

event attracts a truly eclectic number

of cars, ranging from garage built hot

rods to ultra-high tech exotics, and

everything in between. I’m there!

The auction begins and the bid-

ding is spirited, but not quite as

healthy as I expected. Even though

the white on red ‘64 289 Cobra went

for a respectable $1,072,500 big ones,

I thought the Fuchsia ‘63 289 Cobra

Dragonsnake was a very good buy at

$990,000. After all, with its race cred

as being the winningest drag race

Cobra, plus the fact it’s only one of

three, a $1,200,000 or so was my low

ball guesstimate. But then what do I

know; it’s not my money!

Meeting new people, and reac-

quainting myself with folks I already

know is one of the many benefits in at-

tending as many classic, exotic, and

muscle car events as possible each

year. While standing between two cars

sitting to the left of the auction block,

I struck up a conversation with a

young gentleman named Patrick, and

we were soon accompanied by his fa-

ther, a car connoisseur who was get-

ting his son involved in the hobby.

They travel to auctions and concours,

and have a couple of projects they are

“wrenchin’ on. Best of all, they are re-

ally big into “Blue Ovals” and “Bow

Ties,” both of which are my favorites.

So we had a lot of Cobra and Corvette

experiences to share. As a retired high

school teacher, I always enjoy seeing

fathers and sons together at car

events and enjoying all aspects of car


Then, talk about a “coinkidink,”

later in the auction after both Cobras

went to the highest bidder, I turn to

walk out of the ballroom, only to see

another great father and son dynamic

duo, Peter and Gary Klutt of Leg-

endary Motor Cars in Canada. I have

met Peter at a couple of events, one a

SAAC convention being held at Auto

Club Speedway in Fontana a few years

ago, so I nonchalantly mosey on over

to say hello. I introduce myself to both

he and Gary, and express to them how

it’s great to see a father and son team

make such an important contribution

to the collector car world by showing

the cooperative teamwork required to

pass the work ethic and skills from

one generation to another. I seriously

thought about asking Gary how it felt

to be taking a test drive with Addison

Brown, but I didn’t think that would

be too cool. I didn’t want him to think

I had her on my mind, which I guess I


Saturday, January 30th

– Silver, Auction

The Silver Auction is located in

Fort McDowell, about a forty-five

minute drive east of Phoenix. It’s held

in the parking lot of the Fort McDow-

ell Resort & Casino. I love this place!

Silver just has that down home, howdy

neighbor feel to it, like when you buy

your ticket at the entrance the nice

lady says, “

You enjoy yourself, sweet-


!” with absolutely no fear of being

sued for sexual harassment. When I


Spring 2016 50