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mile tours, meaning its owners did not

turn the healthy snake into a drive-

way dolly or trailer trolley.

The second I finish loadin’ up the

ol’ memory chip with the fantastic 427

pics, right on cue, the third Cobra on

the R/M Sotheby docket slowly rum-

bles right past me under the direction

of an auction crew member. A blazer-

attired gentleman was literally walk-

ing in front of the little 289 to guide its

driver to a designated parking space.

I fully expected him to begin shouting,

Make way, make way for the royal


” Well, that would have been

a bit over the top, but it would have

sounded really cool. Anyway, I simply

fall in behind the elegant little white-

on-red snakelet, and begin to trip the

light fantastic to where it finally rests

its wheels in the protective shade of a

long line of welcome trees.

Because of my brazen intrusion

into the one auction employee, one

great looking Cobra, one baggy-eyed,

gray-haired, camera carrying inter-

loper parade, I was easily able to

squeeze in a lot of quality picture tak-

ing before the looky-loos assault oc-

curred. I shouldn’t talk negatively of

my looky-loo brethren, but I have more

photos of gorgeous Cobras with the

elbow, nose, forehead, hip, or foot of

some gawkin’ fool pokin’ into the pic-

ture. Trust me, I know some of my

body parts have been inadvertently

thrust into the frame of many a poor

picture takers’ lens, but it still ticks

me off. Probably because, it’s all about


This fine example of an aluminum

beauty is a clean, lean, “meaner ‘n a

snake” 1964 Shelby 289 Cobra, but it

is also special in its own right. Getting

out the trusty ol’ RM/Sotheby cata-

logue for the third time, it states this

particular asp has a well-documented

history in the SAAC World Registry,

and was recently sorted (at the cost of

$38,000) in order to be driven success-

fully on the Copperstate 1000. It was

originally a factory demonstrator with

numerous correct accessories, includ-

ing a C-4 automatic transmission, a

feature reportedly fitted to fewer than

20 Cobras by the factory. It is cur-

rently equipped with a proper, all-alu-

minum Borg-Warner four-speed T-10

transmission; however, all of the parts

for the automatic transmission come

with the purchase of the car. Smart

consignor, making sure all the original

parts not on the car, are “in the box, in

the car.”

Wednesday, January 27th

– Bonhams

Having cruised sloooowly through

the RM/Sotheby preview, I have to

beat feet (aka rental car) on over to

The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa

(maybe a facial–not!), where Bonhams’

just happens to have a 2006 Ford GT

with less than 300 miles on the odome-

ter. I don’t know about you guys, but

there is absolutely, positively, no way

in Hades I could have bought one of

America’s best examples of a true,

modern day super car, only to let it sit

in the garage. Can you imagine buying

one of these brand, spankin’ new bad

boys equipped with a DOHC super-

charged 550hp engine, 6-speed man-

ual transaxle, 4-wheel independent

suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes, and

then putting only 30 miles per year on

the open road over a 10 year period?

Not me baby, Pacific Coast Highway

One, here I come!

Walking into the Bonham’s en-

trance tent, I sort of become privy to

the ol’ TMI (Too Much Information)

awkwardness, because it’s just me, the

young man collecting the preview fee,

a cheap at twice the price $20, and a

rather irate potential previewer. The

gentleman, although the language he

was using wasn’t exactly gentlemanly,

was with a party of six, and could not

possibly see the “who, why, what,

where, when” behind the exorbitant

fee being charged to gain entrance to

the preview. The young man handled

the situation perfectly (they couldn’t

pay me enough), and the gentleman

“harrumphed” out, his embarrassed

party in tow.


Spring 2016 46