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In 1988 Dana Mecum held his

first automobile auction at the Rock-

ford, Illinois airport. In the interven-

ing twenty-seven years the company

has grown to be the largest auction

company in the country, offering and

selling more than 15,000 cars a year

at locations all over the country. The

largest one is held in January in

Kissimmee, Florida at Osceola Her-

itage Park.

Jeff Burgy was one of the very first

people to join SAAC. He worked for

Ford for 33 years before retiring and

eventually moving to Florida where

the climate is a little more moderate

than southern Michigan. He is a regu-

lar at places like Amelia Island, Day-

tona and Kissimmee where he took

pictures of all the (real) Shelbys he

could find. According to the catalog

there were more but they were moving

them around.

We always look for a trend: fewer

cars, lower prices, early vs. late, etc. If

there were any at Mecum they weren’t

apparent. Maybe something will

emerge at Scottsdale this year. Or

maybe not.


Spring 2016 56

Dana Mecum’s Kissimmee, Florida auction is billed as the largest one in the country. At this year’s extravaganza

they ran 3,000 cars across the block in ten days. Our man in Florida, Jeff Burgy, was there to scope out the Shelbys.