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7:30 in the morning I’m darned sure

the on-site lot ain’t gonna’ be full, so I

keep on truckin’ down AZ Loop 101,

exit east on Bell, take a right on 94th,

and — Voila! — I am parked about a

hundred yards from the main en-

trance to Barrett-Jackson.

Exiting the car, I easily walk the

hundred yards to the HUGE Barrett-

Jackson facility known as West World.

I have to pass through the “magic

wand” security checkpoint, then I am

“good to go” to purchase a $30 ticket

for, literally, the best car show in town.

And when I say the best I am not kid-

ding. Their well-laid out grounds make

for an easy, albeit long, walk through

the following areas:

• Sponsor Pavilion, where the first ex-

otic car your eyeball lands on is a

sparkling white 2017 Ford GT. It is ac-

companied by other Ford cars like

Mustang GTs and Shelby Mustangs.

• Automobilia and petrobilia displays

near the entrance to the auction block

• Salon collection pavilion with par ex-

cellence (high dollar) collectibles

• Salon bistro serving foods and bev-

erages for all palate tastes

• Vendor market place pavilion for

purchasing car shtuff of every descrip-


• Auto vehicle display tents filled with

cars heading to and from the auction


Okay, that takes about three

hours, including a potty break, a great

lunch and another potty break, but

you’re not done yet, “

Truckin’ like the

doodah man

” - Jerry & the Boys, 1970.

Because now it’s time to traverse out-

side, where four more walking hours

of fun await:

• Ford (Mustangs and Shelby’s),

Chevy (Camaros and Corvettes), and

Dodge (Challengers and Vipers) ride

‘n’ drives, where you get to drive mus-

cle cars as they should be driven

• More auto vehicle display tents with

more cars heading to and from the

auction block

• Cars for sale from Hillbank,

Denbeste, Shelby-American, Roush,

and other specialty dealers and suppli-

ers, offering just about any car or au-

tomotive accessory you can imagine

Oh, almost forgot; while wearing

out a pair of ol’ skool black ‘n white

Converse low tops, I ran into about a

half dozen friends and acquaintances

when snapping photos of all the

Shelby inspired vehicles I could hunt

down. This included Tom Dankel and

Michael Maguire, two esteemed mem-

bers of NorCal Shelby, at least I hope

these two rapscallions paid their dues

and are still in the club. Tom, as usual,

yells out, “


” – scaring the livin’

bejesus outta’ me. So of course, I have

to reply in just as loud a voice,


” – don’t ask; it’s high school

stuff. We had someone take a picture

of all three of us, and he basically “cut”

our lower legs off, so now we’re famous

from only our knees up.

Realize, I went to Barrett-Jackson

on aWednesday, and there were bodies

here, there, and everywhere buying,

selling, or just looking at classic, ex-

otic, and muscle cars of all years,

makes, and models. Even though the

number of people in attendance that

day was not overwhelming, I can’t

even try to imagine what crowd con-

trol would look like on Saturday or

Sunday – yikes! My advice is real sim-

ple, get there early in the week and get

there early in the morning and you

will definitely enhance the enjoyment

of your Barrett-Jackson experience.

Besides, you don’t want to park in the

desert boonies off site parking with

the snakes and spiders!

Thursday, January 28th

– RM/Sotheby’s

As I was entering the main ball-

room of the Arizona Biltmore to attend

the RM/Sotheby auction with Don

Lee’s group, I am pondering a perplex-

ing predicament of great propensity (I

love doin’ that), because I really can’t

remember what the man looks like.

Oh sure, I’ve seen him once or twice at

Shelby Cobra events, probably even

said, “

Hi, hello, how are ya’?

” during a

brief encounter with other people,

chatting about everything from ‘65

Shelby GT350s to 2017 Ford GTs.

However, that doesn’t mean I can do a

combined name/face recognition in

Arizona, when I have only seen him a

couple of times in California – Mr.

Photographic Memory I am not!

Thank the deity for cell phones,

because I just punch in Don’s full

name, and shazzam, there is his smil-

ing, full face photo, staring right back

at me from iphone whatever number

it is this year. The problem is, I have

absolutely no digital face recognition

cells in my skullular brain matter, so

time to wear out some more shoe can-

vas walking around the room filling up

with people, to try and identify Don. I

finally spot a rather good-looking, dig-

nified gentleman sitting in the third

row from the auction block, pretty

much in the center of the room, and

even I know from watching televised

car auctions, this is where the major

consignors and bidders have reserved


However, the coiffed, white-haired

gentleman is now kind of looking at

me, most likely wondering why I keep

sort of “eyeballin’ him.” I’m going to

feel more than a little awkward if it

comes down to me having to ask him

if he is the “real” Don Lee, considering

if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be at-

tending R/M Sotheby this evening.

Saved by the bell. “Ring-a-ding-

ding!” – who should walk up to him,

but his wife, Amanda, whom I defi-

nitely recognize. Whew. Now I no

longer feel like the Scottsdale village


Anyway, I wind up sitting with

“the” group and I’m feelin’ kind of good

in the second row back, pretty much

front and center in relation to the auc-

tion block itself, except for one minor

possibility. I might get the boot, the old

heave-ho, because I am a last minute

addition and even though all of the re-

served seats aren’t filled, if push

comes to shove, I’ll get the old hasta la

bye-bye. No matter, I’ve been bounced

from dirt floor bars in foreign coun-

tries before, for reasons which I am not


Spring 2016 48