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I approached the desk, gladly paid

my $20, commented to the kid, “


are plenty of free used car lots in


.” His only response was a slight

smile, a raise of the eyebrows and a

courteous, “

Please enjoy yourself, sir


The kid’s a class act (they don’t pay

him enough). Upon entering the lush

green lawn area loaded with the likes

of first class Ferraris, Jaguars, and

Porsches, I politely snub the “furrin’

shtuff” to make a direct bee-line to-

ward the highly optioned Ford GT, re-

splendent in midnight blue metallic

with white Ford GT striping.

I noticed two very distinct things

at Bonham, the first being the number

of refined, very knowledgeable ladies

and gentleman talking with prospec-

tive buyers standing right next to the

appropriate cars, and the second being

the soothing, elegant, just in the back-

ground, music. Bonhams provides a

small, intimate, serious automotive

auction environment, where the em-

phasis is on conducting business, but

it’s done in a relaxed, semi-formal


Wednesday, January 27th

– Brown’s Classic Autos

I promised my wife I would be

back at my cousin’s for dinner

promptly at 6 p.m. and I’m runnin’

late, which is always my discourteous

way. Even though Bonhams was a

quiet place to view exotic, classic, and

muscle cars in a pleasant venue, I had

to hit the Phoenix freeways which

were getting crowded with com-

muters. I wanted to pay a brief visit to

Brown’s Classic Autos. The reason for

my going there should be obvious: on

their showroom floor they have two

427 Cobras, one a 1965 Superfor-

mance MKIII 20th Anniversary and

the other, I have no idea, but it looks

ready to take on anything, be it at the

track or on the street. (I still don’t

know what it was, because as I’m writ-

ing this, I can’t find the car in their on-

line inventory).

When I drive up to a store front

collectible car establishment, I sort of,

“case the joint,” like Edward G. Robin-

son or Humphrey Bogart (if you don’t

get the analogy I pity you) in many a

gangster film before they sprayed the

unsuspecting garage or speakeasy

with their tommy guns. Anyway, I

drove around Brown’s in stealth mode

for a look-see, and definitely liked

what I saw. This is a “complete” col-

lectible car company involved in the

buying, selling, servicing, maintaining,

repairing, and restoring of all makes

and models of collectible cars. They

provide anything and everything from

engine oil changes to complete con-

cours restorations.

When I walked in, there was a very

nice young lady sitting at the recep-

tion desk. I simply told her I was in

town for auction week and stopped by

just to kick some tires. She invited me

to feel free to walk around and enjoy

the cars, while the salesman sitting

behind her acknowledged my presence

and, upon seeing my camera, probably

knew right off I was an off-the-street


It was really cool. I basically had

the showroom to myself and it was

great to have all the time I wanted to

take pics of neat cars and to look envi-

ously through a huge glass wall into

the restoration shop, where car

“magic” was occurring. Out of the cor-

ner of my eye I was looking for Addi-

son Brown, owner of Brown’s Classic

Autos. Gary Klutt of Legendary Motor

Cars got to take a test drive with her

when he and Peter were in Scottsdale

taping one of their great programs. If

you saw that episode, you definitely

know why I was disappointed in not

meeting Addison. Although I am older

than her and very happily married, I

am not blind.

Thursday, January 28th

– Barrett-Jackson

You can always tell when a big car

event is going to be super crowded, be-

cause on the freeway about a mile or

so before the on-site parking lot you

begin seeing signs urging you to exit

the freeway to offsite parking. This

means waiting out in the boonies for a

shuttle bus. Arizona has rattlesnakes,

tarantulas, scorpions and colonies of

huge fire ants, all of which have been

known to frequent the cactus, scrub

brush, rock formations and sand near

the bus pick-up and drop-off points. At


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