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Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane,

ain’t got time to take a fast train…

–The Box Tops, 1967. My wife, Susan,

is a wunderbar goddess when it comes

to bank card rewards points, which

means we get to fly round-trip be-

tween Sacramento and Phoenix for my

favorite word –


! Not only that, but

my cousin, Larry, a “rainbird” who has

his family homebase on an island near

Seattle also escapes the northwest

winters to a home near Scottsdale.

This means I get to stay in town for

the full Scottsdale Auction Week for

my second favorite word –


! Truth

be known, “free” is my favorite word,

period, end – no matter what the occa-


Oh, did I forget to mention, I also

got into what is arguably the most

prestigious auction house and had din-

ner in one of Scottsdale’s fanciest

restaurants for – you guessed it –



All because I’m the editor of the Nor

Cal Shelby Newsletter, which I pro-

duce each month – for


. I love this


Wednesday, January 27th

– RM/Sotheby’s

Sweet home, Arizona, where the

skies are so blue…

” my apologies to

Lynyrd Skynyrd, 1974. I’m hummin’

this little ditty because it’s approxi-

mately 70 sunny degrees as I’m

strolling ever so slowly down a long

line of classic, exotic, and muscle cars

strung around the grounds of the Ari-

zona Biltmore Resort & Spa. Mind

you, I could have been indulging my

manly self by having a specialty mas-

sage, facial, stone therapy, manicure,

and pedicure, but noooo, I instead de-

cide to tough it out by simply staring,

slack jawed, at a beautimously boda-

cious 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Spe-

cial Roadster by Sindelfingen

(Fahrvergnugen’s cousin).

Frankly, the car’s combination of

power, light weight and sheer beauty

made me think it had already received

its version of the full spa treatment by

having all shiny, sinuous fluids re-

freshed, exterior lacquer gently mas-

saged with carnuba wax and interior

leather given an oil of mink treatment.

No matter the temperature, I was get-

tin’ hot just thinkin’ about the Ger-

manic exotic!

I tend to overhear what people

around me say, to the point of moving

away because of the “too much infor-

mation” theory, especially when it em-

anates from complete strangers. I

mean, there is some personal shtuff

that’s just too… well, you know.

But this particular time I could

hear a normal voice conversation be-

tween a fortyish couple, talking about

how they buy middle 1970’s two door

hatchback VW Rabbits and two door

coupe VW Scirocco’s, fix’em up, then

flip’em for a tidy little profit. They

seemed very knowledgeable about the

buyer and seller market for Rabbits

and Sciroccos, and were supposedly re-

alizing a hefty 30%-50% profit on each

car. What struck with me was that

they were having this collectible Volk-

swagen discussion while gazing, star-

struck, at the Mercedes 540 K (which

sold later in the week for $9.9M). So,

me being me, I couldn’t help getting

involved in their conversation.

As they explained to me in great

detail about this little sideline money-

maker of theirs, I noticed they both

had that glint in the eye, broad smile,

sixteen year-old high schooler attitude


Spring 2016 44

Our intrepid reporter finds himself wandering around Scottsdale

during Auction Week

with glazed eyes and a dry mouth.

– Bill Fulk

The bright red 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster was the most expensive car

ever sold during Arizona Auction Week, fetching $9.9M.