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Fall 2015 343

We also tried not to automatically

discount the requests, suggestions

and, in some cases, pathetic pleas to

consider Road America as a conven-

tion site. We took each of them with

the proverbial grain of salt because

our experience was that everyone

wants to see a convention at the track

closest to them. It is the equivalent of

voting for your own car in the popular

vote show. It proves nothing.

For SAAC-22, the planets were be-

ginning to come into alignment. We

contacted the track and they sounded

amenable to a SAAC convention. The

dates just before the Brian Redman

International Challenge were avail-

able. The track rental was expensive;

it would cost more than anyplace we

had yet been. But we were convinced

that we could make it up in volume.

The track was a draw all by itself.

Holding a convention at Road

America offered SAAC members who

had previously only read about it an

opportunity to experience it – either as

spectators or as actual open track par-

ticipants. Team Cobras (as well as in-

dependents) had raced there from

1963 to 1965 and the circuit was no

stranger to GT350s and 427 Cobras.

The Northwoods region had demon-

strated the track’s popularity by hold-

ing an annual event and attracting a

large number of participants to pay

the bill. If they could get that many

people to come to a regional event, we

figured a convention would attract at

least twice that amount. And dovetail-

ing the convention with a major vin-